Thursday 11 April 2013

Finally some sewing!

I have actually made a bunch of things in the past few months - not that you'd know it from this blog!

Here's one thing...

This long-limbed-lovely started gymnastics this year and wanted a new leotard, so we went to the fabric shop where she chose the exact colour she wanted and also a sparkly butterfly for the front.

To say she loves gym would be the understatement of the year!
This is made in a stretch velour - so soft and stretchy, it must be lovely to wear.

Every gymnast needs a leotard with a 'skirt'
She wanted the same leotard as her last one, just in a new colour and of course with added length.

There's a little room through the back for when she puts her hands up and stretches.
This pattern is from Ottobre 1/2007  and I have made it before here and here in different colours and with different sleeve lengths.

I think I had brain-fade when cutting this though as I cut a size based on her height - and whenever I do that they are always too big through the body as she's quite petite in build.

What I should have done (as I did before) was cut a smaller size and add length.
Not sure what I was thinking - but it meant I had to take out about 1.5 cm on each side through the waist to get it to fit her!
Then I had to tighten the leg elastic as it was too loose so wasn't holding when she exercised.

And here is the perfectly matched butterfly she chose - not what I would go for - or what I tried to steer her toward but she loves it and is very happy with the end result.

With the new term of swimming nearly upon us, coming soon - more bathers!!


Cindy said...

The new leotard looks great! I love the sparkly butterfly.:)

Jane said...

That's so cute - as is your little gymnast! Sometimes you just have to give in to the cutesy embellishment or interesting colour choice because it makes handmade all the more well-loved :) (For the record I think the butterfly is rather sweet.)

Ellieboo said...

Love it - colour is gorgeous

ARTwendy ... said...

stunning colour .... soft too i bet ...well done mummy!

thornberry said...

Gorgeous! Now I feel guilty - both my girls could do with new leotards (and some Mum made bathers)...