Monday 11 March 2013

Joining in late... 10/52

I'd seen Kylie's posts about Che and Fidel's Portrait a week for a year project and while I am a little late joining the party I thought, better late than never.

So here we go:

Miss L - newly Seven years old
Miss A - newly Seven years old
Miss G - 4.5 years old
Despite starting life as a 'sand-baby', Miss L has a new-found love of the surf - and boogie boarding in particular.
It makes her blue eyes sparkle.

A new bike to fit the long-lanky legs was on the birthday list this year. Miss A seems pretty happy with hers.

Usually the first to smile and pose for the camera, I loved the quiet concentration here as Miss G builds her sandcastle.

Joining in with Che & Fidel.

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Ellieboo said...

Your girls are such action girls - love it. Wonderful photos.