Saturday 23 March 2013

In the bag

Ok so this is sort of starting at the end I guess but it's the job I started first... the contents of the party bag.

Those who know me know I love a good kids party - the planning and making is all part of the fun for me - I love it!

So here's what each of the 16 kids (plus two lovely adults) took home.
Firstly let me say it was a 'pamper' party, so I tried to theme the bags to that.
I'll explain more in another post about why we chose that theme for the party, but I digress...

Each item had a label, usually made on scrap-booking paper and cut with either decorative edged scissors or using a paper punch.
The labels were stamped using a set of individual letters I bought the girls a while back.

No plastic throw-away rubbish in this party bag!

EAT - lollies of course
WASH - a boxed Dove soap just wrapped and be-ribboned
SCRUB - homemade sugar scrub, recipe provided by a friend
TIE - set of two hair ties from the cute free pattern by Oliver+s
CLIP - set of two hairclips, colours of the girls' choosing that they made during the party. I got the supplies from the incredibly helpful Kerrie of Jackobindi.
And then there were two pots of natural lip balm in two different flavours that the girls chose during the party. They decorated the pots the gloss went in.

Essentially, make a paper tube and sew the ends closed in opposite directions
The lolly tubes were made using a tutorial I found on the Crate blog via, where else, Pinterest.

The girls insisted on me using a 'fancy' stitch

Of course the ends of the lolly tubes had to be closed with a chain of hearts...

So simple and so effective; and it smelled great!
The wrapped soap idea also came via Pinterest and is from the "Honey We're Home" blog.

Ties were presented on pieces of cut scrap-booking paper

The hair ties had to be in a mix of pinks and blues - blue being the favourite colour of a few of the girls, they are 'too mature' for pink I think, or at least they do!

And below - the bags themselves.

I don't go fancy for these, just a plain white paper bag from Lombard decorated with some washi tape and another paper-punched and stamped piece of scrapbooking paper.
I picked up a small pad of paper from Big W - great value as I used it throughout the bags and it costs under $10.

So that was the goody bags - I included instructions on how to use the scrub saying it was actually aimed more at the Mums (or Dads) than the kids.
There's got to be something it it for the parents after all!

Next time - the party!


ARTwendy ... said...

all pampered up .... looks amazing ... you are amazing ... I'm sure they will be used & loved!

Annie said...

Wow, that's impressive karen!

Cass said...

Great party bags Karen