Tuesday 12 February 2013

Super Swapping

I love it when I find something for the girls that I remember fondly from my childhood, so I was particularly pleased recently when I found swap cards at my local newsagent.

The Seasons set
The FOREVER CLOVER cards are made in Australia, Melbourne in fact, and feature a group of six friends called Abbey, Kate, Olivia, Maddi, Emma and Matilda.

Each girl has a card that introduces them and tells you their favourite colour, pet, school subject, sport, hobby, food and the like so you get to 'know' them.

Some are glitter cards, which are favourites.
The girls also have certain real -life traits that endear them to their audience such as fair skin that needs lots of SPF 30+, a peanut allergy and the need to wear glasses.

Very happy not to have them underfoot anymore!
You can get albums with plastic sleeves to keep them in which are far fancier than the elastic band I used to wrap around them as a kid!

These have proven in our house to be the ultimate reward, something I much prefer to use than food or money.
If the task completed needs a small reward a single card or two will do the trick rather than a pack of six.
They don't get them every time they do something as we believe there are some things you should just do as part of being in a family.

They encourage discussion, compromise and negotiation when swapping in in order, and now they understand the concept of swapping and have stopped simply giving them away, although that was quite nice too.

The full set of friend cards with each girl's likes and dislikes.
I must admit we have given a pack to a few of the girls' friends to see if they are interested in them, as our little swappers are running out of people to swap with!

I love these cards because they show regular girls doing regular things such as sport, school, hobbies and having fun together.

What do you use to reward or encourage certain behaviour in your children??

PS - I have no affiliation with Forever Clover, nor was I given anything for free for doing this post - I just really like this product.


Shell said...

Beautiful - i loved swap cards as a girl. Makes me wonder if I'll buy now & hide them away til my girls are old enough! Dessert for eating her dinner is about as far as we've gone with tangible rewards with my oldest, 4, so far. We're toilet training my 2 year old with a sticker chart, having had success with Miss 4 with that too.

thornberry said...

My girls have been collecting these for a little while. They're a terrific incentive and a great reward (Stella just got a pack for being so brave when the dentist repaired her chipped tooth yesterday). And I agree, they're gorgeous cards and a terrific "toy" in many ways!

Ellieboo said...

I love the look of this cards - nice to get away from the Disney Princess that my kid is ADDICTED to at the moment. Must check them out next time Im at the newsagent

Cass said...

They look great haven't seen them anywhere up here

Andrea said...

They look fabulous Karen, off to google now.

sweet emmelie said...

My daughters would love these!!!