Sunday 18 November 2012

Do you play croquet??

Ooops - sort of left you hanging there again didn't I!!

The big brown box contained this gorgeous thing...
The new 'baby' of the house!! Pic from You Sew Girl
It's the Bernina 710 - the machine that will last me a lifetime, and I feel very, very lucky to have it.

The things this machine can do amaze me, it is so easy to operate with a fully-computerised touch screen and sews through multiple layers like they are butter, and every time I use it I discover something new that it can do.

I borrowed this pic from Nikki's blog, she did a review of our wonderful Sewjourn weekend.

Lara did too - and read the post above this one to see how much she got sewn - she is a fabulous seamstress, she is so efficient when she sews.

As always, Sewjourn was a wonderful chance to relax, rejuvenate and refresh myself creatively in the company of a really wonderful group of women.  If only our husbands and kids heard some of the conversations, it really is a scream at times.

I used some of the time to work on the teacher bags I was supposed to finish for the Bag Adventure Cam ran in August...

I totally love those big silver rings! (Another of Nikki's pic)

This Mod is shaping up nicely and using Tan's edgestitching foot I was able to get a lovely finish on it too.

I also whipped up a series of small girl nighties which have already been washed and worn and washed and worn again and this, the Oliver + S Croquet Dress.

New dress = Happy girl

This is some fabric I picked up at Spotlight on the bargain table and it was probably a little stiff to try this cute sleeve application I alluded to here, but I love the results none-the-less.

If you want to give it a try then click here for the details from StraightGrain Blog.

Something a bit fun for the sleeve

As always - a lovely finish and a very happy little girl.

This is view B and I kept it very simple - just adding the contrast bow for a pop of colour.

View B of the Croquet Dress - simple, classic design.

She's been itching to wear this dress - trying to put it on for dinner each night (because as you sit down to spaghetti bolognese is just when you want the six-year-old to put on a new dress...)

Today was the day - she ran a lemonade stand with her friend, and said this was just the right dress to wear... more on that tomorrow.


Cas said...

ooooh im sooo jealous !! look at the table on it :) enjoy enjoy enjoy :)
gorgeous dress btw !!

Annie said...

Karen, I love the teacher bag! Sorry I've been slow in posting and sharing pics from sewjourn...just unpacked my clothes bag yesterday, and sewing stuff still in case in big mess in sewing room.

Shell said...

Cute dress, love the sleeves, they look complicated! I'm very jealous - your new machine - wow! - and a wonderful looking weekend. I clicked on the links & was very surprised to learn there's a beautiful craft retreat space in the town right next to the one where I used to live.

rachelmp said...

It looks beautiful on and the waist sits a bit higher than Maya's which looks better. I hope the lemonade stand was fun

Cath said...

Wow Karen! That is an impressive machine! Loving what you have been making with your new beauty. Bag is lovely, what a lucky teacher and Miss A's croquet dress is simply beautiful! What a success the lemonade stand was...very industrious girls.

ARTwendy ... said...

all gorgeous ... the new baby, the bag, the tallest girl & the dress!! ...