Sunday 28 October 2012

Sunny Sunday performance

Today was a gorgeous day. 
So a backyard performance was staged.

There was a costume change and a meeting was held to decide the content.
It included hula hoops, ribbons and random dance moves.
A small cat even decided to get in on the action when the ribbons began to twirl.

The Mama-made blackboard bunting made an appearance (have I shown you this yet...)

Perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday.
What did you get up to??


Unknown said...

Blackboard Bunting! What a clever idea. I haven't seen that before. It looks like quite a performance.

Jane said...

Gorgeous! What a perfect little stage. The hoop twirling looks particularly impressive :)

ARTwendy ... said...

perfectly posed ... love the bunting ... & the outfits ... can almost hear the applause! yay ... clap clap clap

Belinda said...

I made some blackboard bunting up before our school fete. Rather than sew it together though, I hole punched the tops of the triangles. This means I can add or take away pieces depending on how long the message is. Works well. Today it was used to say "thank you" to the teachers at our school.

Tanya said...

this just confirms my jealousy that I don't have any sisters!

quilary said...

All that fun and activity just makes me smile!