Tuesday 11 September 2012

Lots of sewing...

But nothing that I got to keep!!

I've been a bit snowed under with silent auction sewing and helping organise or kindergarten trivia night.
So while I got to enjoy some sewing time, there is nothing much to show for it as it is now all in new homes.

There were three paired lots of boys T's with stencilled robots and appliqued stars with detachable capes on them.

A new hula hoop skirt that matched the swinging girl T you see below that made a cute little set.
Sweetly it went to one of Miss G's little kinder buddies and she was delighted that they will have the same skirt (albeit in different colours) to wear together.

I also did a few of these 'formal' T's and they were a bit hit, in small sizes and large.

Then there was also a ruffle joy skirt with a matching appliqued T sold as a set.
Thankfully the bidding on the lots was quite competitive and they all went for great prices, which is nice...

Another lovely friend made a gorgeous blanket and yet another donated some beautiful fruit trees.
People's generosity is really heartening sometimes.

The night was a big success - and now I have my evenings back, for a while at least!

Being part of the kindergarten community is important to me - I believe strongly in volunteering for roles within groups such as this as I believe this is what keeps them rolling along.
But it does take a substantial investment in time, energy and emotion depending on the role you take on.

I am thinking I might have a year off from kinder committee next year - though there is one lovely member of our committee trying to convince me to stay on in a smaller role. 
Her arguments are quite convincing.... just not sure if my family would disown me!!

I find it hard to say no to such things as I feel there are far too few people prepared to put their hands up and make a commitment. Then having made such, some people almost need to be dragged along in order to get things done or to voice an opinion or to offer support/feedback...

What about you, are you part of a committee?
How do you manage your time and involvement in such things?
Do you ever feel disappointed with the lack of commitment from people who form part of communities such as this??


thornberry said...

Firstly, what GORGEOUS things you have made! No wonder the bidding was fierce.

And secondly, as you know, I am a "joiner". I still act as an "organiser" for my mother's group, nine years down the track, am on school council, girl guides parent support committee, and have been playgroup president in my time. The old maxim is true, "ask a busy person" - but you also need to know when to say "no" and let (force) others step up. It does take a lot of time to be part of the community, but in my opinion is absolutely worth it. I try to choose my involvement according to what I am best at. I'm no good at listening to prep kids read - it's just not my scene - but I'm good in organisational roles and decision making, as per school council. Others contribute with working bees, sausage sizzles, etc. But there are always some people who appear not to do anything at all. Some of them never have and never will. But others have contributed in a voluntary capacity to other things at different times in their lives, and may well do again, but right now is not necessarily the time for their involvement.

That said, you do need to figure out your line in the sand, and when you need to say no. I reckon that next year could be the time - you can always say "yes" again the following year, or be involved in a less demanding capacity next year.

You are a treasure, Karen.

Jane said...

I particularly love the detachable capes and the tie t-shirts! No doubt the Kindy appreciates all your efforts. I wish I could have been more involved with our Kindy that the littlest is about to leave because it's just a delightful place. However I have only recently extracted myself from an almost nine year stint on our community childcare committee, through some really tough times and a few of the last years as Chair. Yes, finding more volunteers can be like getting blood out of a stone and some people seem to think their commitment ends with just turning up at a meeting occasionally. Frustrating!
I probably should have left the childcare committee earlier but I kept thinking 'when this or that is sorted out'... of course another crisis always popped up.
Once I've recovered a bit from volunteer fatigue, I look forward to becoming a bit more involved in our sons' school.
Perhaps you could give the committee a miss for next year but promise to contribute some more auction items or similar?

Kelly O. said...

fabulous items! it's so great when others see the value in something handmade--even at an auction! you've given me some great ideas for our own school auction--hopefully they do as well for me as they did for you :)

question how do you make the t's with the detachable cape? is it velcro?

Karyn said...

I think your sewing is wonderful. So bright and full of personality.
About committees; I have been on my fair share, but scaled it back when my son complained that I was never home. I actually wasn't out that much but if he felt I was then it was time to scale back. I work now and don't have the time that I had before and i do miss the involvement in the comunity.
Do i feel disappointed? I live in a small community and am always annoyed that the large portion of any volunteering in my town is usually left up to the same small group of people. And there is a perception amongst many in the town that those who are volunteering are doing it for some personal gain, instead of seeing the truth, that they are working their butts off to do good for everyone to enjoy.
Off my soapbox now :)

Selina said...

I'm the fundraising co-ordinator and it does take a lot of time and commitment to do this job. It does seem as though we have to push for parental involvement here too, it's such a shame. I've made some fabulous friends by being involved!

Your items are just gorgeous!

Maryanne said...

Hi Karen,
That's a great collection of sewing you made for your fund raiser.
All of our children are at parent run schools and there is always the small group of highly committed parents who carry most of the load. We have compulsory parent jobs but I am not sure that this is the way to go - many allocated jobs are done very poorly or get turfed back to those who are already working harder than most.
I think it's like most things in life - we often weigh up the benefits of being involved (children seeing us supporting their schooling, being part of a community, getting to know their teachers really well, and understanding and at times influencing our children's educational environment) against the down side to our commitment(time and stress). When we feel the balance is wrong we back off a bit, and put up our hand again when we feel we have the time to do more.
I must admit though Rob and I do have lots of conversations about the inequality of parent commitments. Sometimes it's very hard not to feel very frustrated.

Unknown said...

It's hard, isn't it? I am Treasurer for our Kinder. I just got home from a meeting tonight. Next year Liam goes to school. We were discussing the lack of input on the school committee and I said that it won't be long and I'll be there to help. I was very quickly told that I can only do one. I think they're right. It's a bit sad that more people don't involve themselves with these things.

Unknown said...

I also love those t-shirts