Thursday 23 August 2012

Triple treat

I've been a bit slack updating my reading list for the year so thought I had better do a quick update on what's been on the bedside table of late.

I alluded in my first post to the book I was reading as being my favourite to date and it was wonderful.

Classic Australian author Peter Carey wrote one of my all-time favourite books - Oscar and Lucinda and I know with one of his books I will always get a read that I can really sink my teeth into filled with emotion and intrigue.

This was no exception.

The Chemistry of Tears follows a story within a story - about a young Horologist (check it out and learn something new for the day!), Catherine who while grieving the sudden death of her married lover, is attempting to piece together a clockwork 'toy' or automaton that had been commissioned many years earlier by a man named Henry Brandling, for his sick son.

Throughout the course of the book you get to know these two characters and, for want of a better pun, find out what makes them tick. (click on the Horologist link and you will get it!!).

If you are not afraid of a book that is a solid and hearty read rather than a light and frivolous one, then grab a copy of this book.

Next up I read a trilogy by Jo Nesbo - The Oslo Trilogy; made up of the following three books; The Devil's Star, The Redbreast and Nemesis.

I bought this through the Kindle store on Amazon and read them on my iPad and while I am still a fan of the written word coming in book form it was a convenient way to lug around what would have been a big physical book.


I had earlier read another of Jo Nesbo's books and and they are a fast and exciting read - very much along the lines of the Millenium series.

There's a brash but loveable alcoholic cop called Harry Hole (unfortunate name I know!) and he is an intense and honest character who is seeking to solve the crime of his police partner's death several years earlier, along with trapping a serial murderer and not getting himself into too much trouble along the way.

These books are quick and thrilling to read but no literary masterpiece!

And the most recent read was the latest release from another favourite author - Anne Tyler. 
One of the very first posts I wrote on this blog way back in 2007 was on another of her books 'Digging to America".

In that post I explain why she is a perennial favourite of mine, and it still stands.

This book didn't disappoint.  She writes in such a personal way - you feel you know her eccentric and quirky characters.

This one deals with a man suddenly widowed and how he believes he sees and can communicate with his late wife.
It brings him to a series of realisations about him and his own strengths and weaknesses, and about the relationship he and his wife had.

Don't go in expecting a fast-paced thriller - this is not what Anne Tyler is about.
Instead expect her to build such depth of character that you feel you are in the person's life - if just for a short time.

So there you have it - the list so far.

Rudely, I didn't get back to the ladies who commented when I first posted this list so I will now.
Jacinta recommended 'The Book Thief' and I second her recommendation - it was a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed, quite intriguing.
Add it to your list!

Lizzie had the great idea of listening to books on her iPhone, while quilting - now that's what I call multi-tasking!!

As a librarian, Bronwyn has the book world at her fingertips - got any recommendations for us Bronwyn??

Amy is aiming to tackle 50 books this year and with a new baby on the way might find herself in for midnight reading!

Megan also enjoyed The Help - and I agree with her - read the book first. I find all too often that movies don't do books justice.

AJ - what have you been reading?? It's tricky to fit in reading time along with all else that family life brings.

Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments - I love hearing what other people are reading too.


Becky said...

I will add that Peter Carey to my list I think!

Liz said...

I love a good thriller and I've just finished listening to 'The Witness' by Nora Roberts! I've been doing a fair bit of driving up and down between Geelong and Ballarat for the last three weeks and I have to confess to sitting outside work on Tuesday morning because I had about 5 mins left to listen to... :o) Honestly I started it and thought 'this is crap, I've bought a dud...!' but it turned out to be really good. It's the only book I've ever bothered to leave a review about at Audible, great thriller with a good touch of romance...

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for the reminder Karen! I haven't updated my list at all this year...thankfully though that doesn't reflect what I have actually been reading...although I'm still a fair way from that goal of 50 books I set for myself! xx

Anonymous said...

when oh when do you read? xx W

rachelmp said...

Peter Carey is my favourite Australian writer and The Tax Collector is my fave. I will read anything and everything and never go to sleep without reading a page or two at least. I should start a list