Wednesday 1 August 2012

Sweet Finch

I make a lot more than I blog lately, this little top being a case in point.

I made this, and another exactly the same (well apart from the buttons...) way back in November last year - at Sewjourn.

This is the Finch top - one of the collection of patterns from Clever Charlotte that I have accumulated.

A cheesy grin!
It's a gorgeous pattern - one I would definitely like to make again.

It's fully lined and has this really lovely racer-back shape to it.

Try to imagine it in summer without the necessary layering!
I liked the top in the fabric that the Clever Charlotte girls used so much, that I ordered it as well when I ordered the pattern.

Perfectly colour coordinated crochet flower hairclip by this clever lady.

The buttons are just for show - for easy on and off.
To make it quick and easy to get on and off I used velcro under the shoulder tab rather than proper buttonholes - the buttons here are just for show.

I also chose to omit the bow - I might do it on the next one but perhaps a little smaller - it's a bit oversized for me I think.

Definitely check them out - they are really classic kids patterns that are stylish but not too cutesy.


Unknown said...

The top looks great. Velcro is such a clever idea.

Tas said...

That is so sweet.

Jane said...

Gorgeous and I agree, that fabric looks perfect! I like the look of their patterns, pity I only have boys...

Tanya said...

I love that pattern, and in that fabric. Can't remember what size you said it goes up too, but I reckon my girl might wear that because of the racer back. Hoping to sew tomorrow, if my machine cooperates!

ARTwendy ... said...

awwwh!! she looks so sweet modelling for you! perfectly sewn & great problem solving per usual! ... glad you found a clip to match ... how about that!!xx

Cindy said...

Darling top! I have yet to make the top...perhaps today will be the day.:)

motherof5 said...

Gorgeous top!
I use velcro too but I lurvre the bow!