Sunday 26 August 2012

Hula Dogs

There's nothing like a nice quick sew to get you feeling enthusiastic again, and the Oliver+s Hula Hoop Skirt is just that.

I made this Friday night - with the intention of donating it to our kinder for an upcoming trivia night. But there's something about those dogs and this kid that I couldn't bear to separate the two.

It's a really sweet little skirt that is fully reversible and in true O+s fashion, beautifully finished.

It took me longer to cut than it did to sew and there's no need for an overlocker as all the seams are fully enclosed, so no French seams required either.

Lara whipped one up recently too - it's a winner with small girls it seems!

I was thinking boots and tights for with this, but Miss G styled herself and felt her 'school shoes' with white ankle socks were a much better choice with her new doggy skirt.

I can live with that.


thornberry said...

An extremely cute skirt on an extremely cute kid! Now I REALLY want to make another one!

CurlyPops said...

I saw this on Lara's blog too. It's so darn cute!

Annie said...

What a cute skirt, I wish that was me, and I could have one too. I'm thinking of some new PJ pants today!

Tanya said...

ooh, that looks great. I agree about not separating that kid and those dogs! I know what you mean about a quick sew, I am having bit of a frenzy on quick summer dresses (for friends kids- not my shorts and t-shirt kinda gal!)

Kylie said...

This is very cute. I love this fabric and red suits her so well (Now I'm guessing that you have to make another for the Kinder Auction)

Leonie said...


rachelmp said...

I wasn't sure about this skirt but now I have seen yours and Lara's its on my must buy list! I love those little dogs too