Friday 3 August 2012

From Russia with love

This post really should be headed 'From Grandma with Love', because once again that's what this quilt is.

I love the colours of this quilt - red with a pop of aqua is always a winner.
The smallest kid just had a birthday (more on that later...) and in honour of the occasion my Mum made her a quilt - much like she did for Miss L and Miss A's birthdays back in March.

A little bit of Denyse in there too.
The small kid has always had a bit of an affinity with babushkas and so when Mum saw this pattern it was a bit of a no-brainer as to what design to make for her.

Mum wanted to add a little more though and so with Dad's assistance, she designed and made up this little minaret-style tower as well.

Love the chevron striped roof on this little tower.
It looks amazing and she carried the theme through to the backing.
After scouring the shops for the perfect fabric she had seen (in Alaska of all places), Mum gave up looking and contacted the store in Alaska and had these little colourful dolls on black sent over.

She was right - it is perfect.

Of course every gorgeous quilt needs an equally gorgeous pillow slip, so here it is!

Teamed with a solid red pillow case this looks fabulous on her bed.
There is plenty of hand-stitched detail in this quilt and the small child and her beloved dog were happily tucked up under it on the night of her birthday, happily exhausted!

Thanks again Mum - it's gorgeous and she loves it, and so do I.

Given that Miss G is the last of the eight grandchildren to receive their quilt, now Mum might actually make a quilt she can keep for herself!


Annie said...

That's lovely Karen. I hope I get to be a Granny who makes lovely quilts one day.

bec said...

wow, I reckon she's saved the best for last! Amazing!

Cass said...

Wow Karen it looks great your mum did a great job

Jane said...

Wow, that is superb. I really love the colours too. What a lucky girl! (And I bet grandma's feeling pretty satisfied with having finished all eight!)

Cindy said...

This is a beautiful quilt with so many great details. Go, Grandma!

Unknown said...

It's lovely and perfect for your youngest girl. Happy Birthday Miss G :)

Unknown said...

Oh my.. your mum has done an amazing job! She is so talented :)

Tanya said...

oh wow, another gorgeous family heirloom created by a treasured Grandmother. From Russia and Alaska and country Victoria with love? Feeling relieved to hear theres enough room for Pepsi under it, too.

Natalie said...

That is gorgeous! I can just imagine miss G all snuggled up under it

Seaweed and Raine said...

What a lovely gift - and all that incredible hand stitching!!! You mum is amazing! :)