Saturday 28 July 2012

Framed and hung

It was very exciting to get along to The Playful Market today and see all the fabulous Full Circle pieces on display, including our own works.

I'm hoping the rain didn't affect the takings for the day as there was a huge amount of work done by many to get this event up and running, particularly by this lovely lady.

Here is my piece - that I titled "My joy". 
Enough said really.

Obviously it's my three little chicks in their bathers.
It is stitched from a photo taken near Coffs Harbour in September/October of 2010 and evokes memories of a wonderful family holiday.
This is one of my all-time favourite photos.

Three little 'beach bums'

Here is Miss L with her work - quite hard to photograph as she did a series of needle feltings that she called "Everybody is different".

She's a very wise little girl this one and went about creating this piece all by herself - making each of the faces with different coloured skin, hair or eyes and the top one has freckles (not a bad case of measles..!).

I particularly loved her attention to detail - that she wanted the 'red dot' on the forehead of the "brown skinned lady".

She's a thinker.

I suspect the one second from the bottom is her rendition of herself.

Miss A is a more literal girl, much like her mother!

She stuck with the 'circle' theme and created a bear made of circles - that she called "Circle Bear".
It was stencilled onto the fabric over a few days using different colours and the details she drew on by hand.

Sheridan  you may have helped create a stencilling monster here!
Miss G went with her mixed media collage - also known as 'stick down anything sparkly or pretty that you can find with copious amounts of craft glue'!!

Boy did she have fun making it.
The cleaning up - not so much fun...

She titled her piece "Pizza with a spider".
That's the spider on the left in case you weren't sure.
A reluctant photo from the little miss with her dad.
There were some really lovely pieces of work on display in a huge array of formats including painting, ceramics, organic pieces, sculptural items, live pieces with plants, photography and of course lots of lovely stitched items.

I wasn't fast enough to get my hands on Bron's work of art but I am very pleased it has gone to a lovely new home in NSW!

Well done Wendy - I hope you are putting your feet up now for some well earned rest!

PS - Cam has opened the sign-ups for her Choose Your Own Bag Adventure next month so head on over and put your name down to join in.


Tanya said...

What a great opportunity for all you girls to exhibit your work together. Kazz, I love your piece, pretty special. I also love 'Everyone is different', 'Circle Bear' and the quirky 'Pizza with a Spider'- what will these girls be creating in 30 years, I wonder.

Jane said...

Argh, they are all just gorgeous! Hmm, I think my favourite may have to be Pizza with a Spider :)

Annie said...

I loved seeing all those circles. Great idea

KWeens said...

the "Three little 'beach bums'" are so great! I love it!
Greets from Germany :-)

(my daughter in law is an Australian/WA. My english is......bad, sorry.)


ARTwendy ... said...

So wonderful to see all you guys enjoying our Playful Market ... it was a fabulous day .... thanks so much K,A,L & G joining in Full Circle ...& having fun on the Rainbow Treasure Hunt! Yay!!! xx My cup overflows...

Cas said...

gorgeous circle :)i really felt the personality coming through. cheers

Unknown said...

gorgeous work! I love your kids' work :)

CurlyPops said...

They're all so sweet. You have to love the imagination of children!

Unknown said...

They all look great, Karen. The girls' ones are all really special, and yours is really impressive. Do they all get sold? I would be wanting to bring them all home again.

Cass said...

Well done girls, great work

Maryanne said...

It was so lovely to catch up with you over the weekend and meet your family Karen. I loved your "Full Circle" and the girls' were also so wonderful. I felt so lucky to be in Melbourne to see the exhibition and experience the fantastic Playful Market. Can't wait to come back soon. Maybe we can swing some sewing time together next time?

Cath said...

Karen, simply beautiful creations. Loving the beach bums embroidery the best! Wish we could have been there. C xx

sophie said...

LOVE the 3 little girls in cute swimmers! Just stunning.

Ellieboo said...

I loved your picture of your three girls - what a lovely piece. And your girls obviously take after their creative mum - love it.

Sheridan said...

Wow, they are all wonderful!! Well done to you for coordinating all your entries.

And so good to see the stencilling monster's work! She's great!!