Wednesday 13 June 2012

Lovely Annie

Annie has settled in nicely.

Isn't she beautiful?

She was one of my prizes from Cathie's afternoon tea. Created by the very talented Leonie.

What is it about this family - so talented!


Ellieboo said...

oh la la - she is indeed beautiful

ARTwendy ... said...

bit of a TLaT inspiration?? lovely ... lines ... lucky lady aren't you!! yay!

Nikki said...

Annie looks right at home!

(And yes, we seem to have pretty hefty creative gene in our family. More importantly, creativity was nurtured and encouraged.... like you do with your girls!)

Cathie said...

as I said to you tonight, I was so happy that you won her. she is absolutely stunning and if it wasn't me winning her then glad it was you.
amazingly talented that Miss Leonie and so very sweet too!

Leonie said...

Awww thanks Karen. Is that something in my eye? Thrilled to know that Annie has a great new home. x