Friday 25 May 2012

Hurried call for help!!

Do you have a spare hour or two in the next few days to help put make a wish come true for a little boy having a tough time??

Stacey at Polka Dot Daze has taken up the cause to make felt crowns for a special 'Carnival' party being held for a little guy in Sydney called Talin who was given life-changing news just a few months ago.

This little boy was diagnosed at Easter with what doctors have described as an inoperable, life-ending tumour. It is a story that brings dread to the heart of any parent, and makes me hug my healthy little girls that bit tighter.

If you think you can very quickly whip up a couple of super-simple felt crowns to send to arrive in Sydney by June 1st (that's next Friday - a week from today), then head on over to Stacey's blog and click the link to drop her an email.

They can be for girls or boys - the above is just an example.

All you SIT girls - Stacey is coming along this year so let's band together and help out a fellow SITer doing a good deed.

Come on - do you really need an excuse to sew??

1 comment:

Cas said...

i can do that :) poor little guy. thanks for bringing to our attention karen :)