Wednesday 2 May 2012

Cold weather gear

I was given a whole lot of cheesy expressions for these photos!!

This one is not bad - though Miss A looks a bit posed.

Winter has hit hard here in the last few days, so we are into winter uniform.

I detest fleecy tracksuit pants as uniform, so I am super-glad my chicks like to wear dresses.

I wish I could have made them something a little more stylish, perhaps one of my many Oliver + s dress patterns - but the big box-pleated tunic will have to keep me happy for now.

Oops - all the blue socks bar one pair were in the dryer!! Now to get the tights.


Unknown said...

When did your girls become so grown up? They look beautiful.

ARTwendy ... said...

They look great .... you'll be making a cast of 1,000's if you're not careful!!

Ellieboo said...

Your girls look really smart and I didnt even know fleecy trackie dacks were part of the uniform. I'll learn when my kid heads off to Kindy next year :)

Kylie said...

They look so cute. I love the uniforms, great work.

LOL at the socks, I am lucky to find a set for Amelia of a morning and she has 10!!!

Stocking advise: TillyTom. I bought some for Amelia (not sure if they come in the girls with long legs size) but they are great and think and are lasting the school yarn tumble and washing machine and dryer.

Cas said...

very stylish :) the girls look super smart & pleased !! cheers

Caroline said...

Gorgeous... way more stylish than trackies!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you made their uniforms. You're a legend. How do you get so much done?