Thursday 26 April 2012

KCWC - Day Three

It's Italian Day!

Dana's circle skirt was perfect for these skirts - quick and easy.
The girls have been learning Italian at school and there is a whole school celebration today that includes dressing up with an Italian theme, a parade and a special Italian lunch of pizza and gelato (which is the bit I think they are most excited about).

These simple skirts have a black elastic waistband and are very fully and twirly, which gives them a 'thumbs up' from the girls.
The circumference of them is huge - they are each 3 metres around the bottom!

They were wearing them with a simple white cotton broderie anglais 'Olivia' shirt by Pink Fig, until the weather turned cold.

Any excuse to do cute hair-do's right??!!

So my KCWC sewing for yesterday was to pull out, trace, cut and sew up these little jackets to give them a bit more warmth over their blouses.

The pattern is design 22 from Ottobre 4/2010.
The actual pattern is lined and has a ribbon at the neck - it's much fancier than these.

I just wanted something that would match their outfits and give them an extra layer so I made them up in white knit (interlock), and going on an idea used in this Noodlehead tutorial, I used pre-made bias binding (that I had on hand) for the neck ties.

In the Noodlehead tutorial they leave all the edges unfinished but I couldn't bring myself to do that, so the sleeve and bottom hems are rolled on the overlocker, there's elastic at the wrists to give it a frill and the front edge was sewn with a twin stretch needle.

The accessorised with cute hair ribbons on plaits and buns and a tambourine with matching ribbons.

So what does day four hold....



Amanda said...

What great outfits! Italian Day at your daughters' school sounds like fun :)

Cass said...

They look fantastic Karen

Midge said...

Theme days were always the best at primary school. I bet the girls were the best dressed. Good job.

ARTwendy ... said...

ciao bella ... grande opera che i vostri ragazze indossavano questi abiti con orgoglio!

Tanya said...

Our school is dismissly crap at dress up days, and when they did have one, Annie wanted to dress up as 'a girl' (read- wear her favourite clothes!). This looks fun!

Tanya said...

so glad you dont have that thing of typing in random letters to 'prove I am not a robot'- I often have to do that 3 times...

Ellieboo said...

The girls look great - hope they had a bella day.

Bek said...

Wow, awesome!