Tuesday 24 April 2012

KCWC - Day one

Well here in Australia it is technically day two - but I thought I'd show you what I got up to on day one first.

I had to break the time down into small 'bites' but in the end had more than an hour to sew - because I am a night owl!

So here's what I got up to...

Oops - needs ironing again, it was shoved in a bag so I could unpick poolside!!

This is a Big Basic Tee from Make It Perfect, it's view A - the slim fit top, done with contrasting sleeves and neck binding.

You can see that I have unpicked the hem - I wasn't happy with it.

I realised as I went to sew the sleeve hems and body hem that I had broken my last twin stretch needle, so chose a stretch zig zag stitch on my machine instead to complete them.

But the stretch stitch warped the shape of the lower hem - making it a little wobbly and it was going to annoy me, so I unpicked it and will re-sew it tonight.

The mushroom is an iron-on velour from Crafty Mama's.
These are dead-easy to put on, give a professional look to a simple garment and Lisa is expanding the range all the time so there are always great things to choose from - for girls or boys.

They are as varied as a retro camera, geckos, truck tyre tracks, deer, stars, jungle animals, crowns, hearts, birds and cute little hedgehogs.

Today has been tough for fitting in sewing.
I've managed the unpicking (no fun!!) - and that might be it for today.

Tomorrow is a public holiday - so despite family plans I hope to get at least an hour in.
Wish me luck!

PS - if you are looking at this on a reader pop over and check out my new header and blog design, with a new font, clean, fresh and simple.


ARTwendy ... said...

love the new header ... but WE will miss the old one for all the 'purple' reasons!! you're off to a great KCWC start ... i've had a false start but will catch up soon i hope ...

ARTwendy ... said...

can you write a special post just for me!!??? on all the trick re: tracing patterns xxx ;)

Annie said...

love the mushroom and your new header is very stylish

Jane said...

Cool top! Love the contrast fabrics. That reminds me, I have a crafty mamas iron on bug that needs using!

Bek said...

I've never sewn a tee. Yours looks good, I am tempted to give it a try. I love the decals, another temptation!

Unknown said...

Wow! Another item done. At this rate you'll be making something new every day! Cute top.

Cath said...

Loving the new header! You know how much I adore those ruffle skirts! Great shirt and the transfer gives it an extra bit of pizzazz! I have taken advantage of the PH and after exercising spent the afternoon fininshing off 4 crochet hats and now getting onto a scarf for me. Hope you had a great day...look fwd to the next installment!

Ellieboo said...

Unpicking sucks doesnt it, had to do some myself today - I was cursing I tell ya. Love the colours on your Tee Shirt. Ive never been game to sew anything stretch but your are inspiring me to give it a go.