Wednesday 21 March 2012

A gift of love

Gifts to the girls this year from us consisted of books, scooters and Lego in the largest part, nothing much handmade - just one small thing from me.

Nothing I would ever have done could compare to the amazing gift my Mum gave them, their own hand-stitched quilt with matching pillowcase, each adorned with fairies and in their favourite colours.

Each appliqued panel has hundreds of tiny hand stitches on it.
To say these quilts are a gift of love would be an understatement.
They have taken mum, literally, hours and hours.

She has worked on them at various stages for almost a full year.

Worked into the more than 300 tiny two inch squares that surround each panel, are remnants from dresses, hats, rompers, pants and skirts the girls wore as they have been growing up.

There are fairies hovering over little flagged tents, elephants and butterflies...

There are hand-stitched frogs, dogs and bees and a cute snail!

The top left corner square is an old dress belonging to Miss L
Making a quilt is a tradition Mum started for the oldest of her eight grandchildren - and now she has only one left to make - on which she has already well and truly started.

Each flower is sewn on with blanket stitch then had the stem added!!
These photos in no way do them justice, they are really incredible.

And, importantly, the girls adore them...

They each got a matching pillowcase with an embroidered centre panel that features the same imagery as the eight panels on the quilt.

Strictly just for looking at - not sleeping on!!
The fairy on the right has a dress made of one of Miss L's favourite fabrics - it's in her Feliz party dress which she wears all the time.

They like these two cheeky fairies jumping on the beds, must remind them of someone!!

And to top it off, each quilt has a hot air balloon embroidered with their name (I've removed it here of course!!), and on the back a hand-stitched label telling them from whom and when they got them.

The night they got them, Miss A was poring over it examining the details and said to her dad; 
"Grandma must love me more than anyone to make this quilt for me."

He said "I love you twice as much as Grandma".

Her response; "Well  you can't - you haven't made me a quilt."

As my Mum said - they were made with love; each and every stitch.
They really are the most precious gift.

Thanks Mum.


Becky said...

Beautiful, I love that they are the same, but different, just like your girls. Well done Grandma :)

Jennifer said...

The quilts are amazing. A beautiful gift to be treasured forever.

red in oz said...

wow Karen, they are fabulous! Well done your mum.

bec said...

God, I'm tearing up by the end of that post! What amazing quilts, they will treasure them forever! Beautiful presents for beautiful girls! Amazing, Karen's mum!

Cas said...

WOW.....have no words karen....ok yes i do :) you obviously get your talent from your amazingly talented mother. truly gifts of love :)

ARTwendy ... said...

awe-inspiring! what a very special gift your mum has given the girls! love the use of all the 'outfit' fabrics ... they will be forever remembered & treasured! thanks for sharing ...

sophie said...

just simply amazing! heirlooms!

~LilOlFrankie~ said...

They are absolutely divine!!!! What beautiful treasures!!!

Cass said...

Wow Karen these are amazing

Ellieboo said...

WOW....they are simply stunning. So much work and as you said so much love....gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Your girls are very lucky to have been blessed with such a talented grandmother. The quilts are beautiful. I love that they have both fairies and elephants on them.

Tanya said...

Dear 'Grandma', I think you are wonderful for spending the time stitching these most beautiful quilts (and pillowcases)- obviously with such love, with personalised details (including fabric from favourite dresses)- for your wonderful granddaughters- now they can have a 'quilt hug' from you every night. It's so so nice, that they see the effort and comprehend that that must mean you really, really love them a lot...and I wonder what 'Dad' is going to come up with to 'prove' his love!!!
Kazz- lucky girls, they are amazing- and it's so so nice that you appreciate all the work in them as well.

Paula Alice said...

Absolutely amazing! what fantastic work!

Ashleigh said...

Oh my GOSH!! That really is amazing!! So much time & love has definately gone into those :-)

Carolyn said...


nicole said...

oh wow! these look fantastic!
i remember you telling me about them last year and they look 1000 times more fabulous than i was picturing them.
so very much made with love!

Sally said...

OMG! These are terrific. So very special. So much love. Lots of BIG gorgeous feelings here. Too wonderful really for words.

Miss G said...

one word. DIVINE.

What a incredibly precious gift to receive in a world of disposable toys and electronic thrills.

x Miss G

Our South Coast Year said...

The quilts are beautiful. I am currently attempting my first quilt, nowhere near the skill and hours put into these. I will gift mine to my small. I hope she appreciates the time & effort.