Thursday 19 January 2012

Smocked up

Starting school is fast approaching - the leisurely days of summer are slowly coming to an end and I have started making school items, best not to leave it to the last minute...

Miss A chose bright and colourful for her smock, I was not so sure about the scale (and brightness!) of the print but when I produced it for her the next morning she declared it to be "so beautiful Mummy" - so I no longer cared if it was a print I really loved - she clearly does.

Miss L chose a gorgeous linen with raspberry baushkas - much more 'me' in colour this kid!

This piece of fabric was part of a giveaway I won from the lovely Belinda a while back and was the perfect size for this smock with contrasting sleeves.

I lined the front with interfacing as it was a little light for potential paint spills.

The pattern is from Oliver + S 'Little Things to Sew' book - which I had on my wish list for Christmas in 2010 and 2011 and my birthday list for last year - I treated myself post-Christmas and bought it as well as the new Colette book - since Santa didn't bring them!

As is usual - the finish is lovely - with a bias-trimmed facing at the neckline to make it all sit beautifully.

I made the medium and chose to lengthen the sleeves and also made it so it had no opening at the back - thus it slips straight over the girl's head.

I figured a prep teacher has enough to do without having to fasten the snap/velcro on 20 art smocks!

Next up - library bags, then perhaps a large tissue holder, for me of course! ;-)


thornberry said...

The girls look so gorgeous in their adorable smocks! And I strongly suspect that you will be needing that large tissue holder!

ARTwendy ... said...

their teachers will love you for such thoughtfulness... seriously gorgeous ... & will no doubt be soon splattered with paint & ink & glue & pastel & clay & sparkles ... enjoy the journey xx

Cas said...

nice job karen, the girls look so grown up!

Cass said...

Nice job Karen, I think my Lucy will just be getting a store bought one

Seaweed and Raine said...

I wish some of the mum's had gone to as much trouble as you did when I was teaching 5&6 year olds!!!

I think the fabric that you used on miss A's smock would even look good as a sun dress!!! They are both really pretty.

Liz said...

gorgeous Karen and you'd better make that tissue holder VERY large I think.. :o)

Sally said...

Oh I love them both... but I really really adore Ms. A's. Gorgeous. And I think the scale works really really well. Delightful.