Sunday 15 January 2012

Catching up...

Umm - hello again.

Well I have failed abysmally at the photo challenge haven't I!!

We've been having too much fun.

Doing this:

Fairy Park at Anakie - a HUGE hit!
The Frog Prince and one of our Princesses
and this...

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Botanic Gardens to see Wind in the Willows.

I put my feet up while "The guy who lives here" took the girls in for a close-up

Action aplenty lakeside as always.

And of course a photo with the cheeky rabbit
and also this...

Then it was off to the movies so a friend and I could relive our childhood, under the guise of taking the girls to see The Muppets.

It didn't disappoint.
Mr "The Frog" and his friends provided the same corny laughs and sarcastic wit as always, with a few ripping dance numbers thrown in and guest appearances by everyone from Mickey Rooney to Selena Gomez.

Did you notice Miss G's new constant companion - her new puppy, Pepsi
We've also had trips to the beach and the pool, playdates and BBQ's with friends, lots of time to play with cousins, trampolining, throwing balls, building gardens, family bike rides and we also enjoyed Alice in Wonderland at Ripponlea - another great show.

A few more weeks to go then my two older girls will be off to school, but more on that another time...

Are you enjoying having the kids at home to play??
What have you been up to??

PS - come along to 'Stitch and Yarn' tomorrow night if you'd like some crafty relief from the hustle and bustle of holidays. We'd love to see you.
If you can't make tomorrow then put Feb 6th in your diary now.


Tanya said...

sounds like lots of fun. I suggested a movie, the kids suggested the chipmunks, I suggested the Muppets (and showed them the trailer) and nothing has been decided as yet!

Cass said...

Sounds like you are having a great holiday. We absolutely loved Wind in the Willows too

ARTwendy ... said...

love our aussie summer culture ... enjoy xx catch up soon

Cas said...

welcome back!! youre such a good mum to do fun stuff!!

Annie said...

Fairy Park is amazing isn't it! I am exhausted with your holiday happenings. So glad I have teenagers who just grunt and sleep and let me play in the garden. Loveing holidays!

sophie said...

So much fun! Did your littlest stay still for The Muppets? I would like to take Eva but she can't even sit and watch 20 minutes of TV without getting up and doing something else.

Sally said...

We're taking E. to the Muppets on Monday for his birthday. Really looking forward to it.

Looks like you've all been having a blast. YAY for summer.