Wednesday 7 December 2011

Still here, paddling hard!

Just letting you know I am still here, just been a little snowed under...

All smooth and calm on the surface but I am paddling sort of hard beneath it!

I am working on a little (slightly belated) Christmas crafting so I will be back soon with some pretty pictures, though this fluffy yellow duckling is kind of cute!


Unknown said...

Paddling away here too - too many grand plans, I think.

Cas said...

oh karen you just said what i've been feeling for some time too! what a great analogy. hope you get some relief soon :)

Anonymous said...

great to hear it!!! I thought I was the only one who felt like this.

I often say to mums of two who ask me about the third - that time when you get ready in the morning - that's the 3rd child - so you get NONE!!!

but happy to hear you're working on xmas craft and we are still in Melb (tell you later) so would love to come back on a Monday night if you're doing it next year

Sally said...

OH!!! I know how you feel!!!
... except I haven't the energy to maintain calm on the surface too... its all arms and legs splashing about in chaos over here.