Saturday 17 December 2011

Animal lover

This one loves animals.

A walk to the park takes much longer because we have to ask every dog owner we meet along the way if we can pat their dog.

Recently she got the chance to snuggle up to some rabbits, guinea pigs and ducklings at a petting zoo, she was there for about 30 minutes swapping from one animal to the next.

It's especially exciting when the guinea pig starts to munch on the carrot.

And she is in luck that there is a long-haired guinea pig and two chickens awaiting her arrival at kinder next year!! (poor animals, she might just love them to within an inch of their lives!)

Recently the excuse for her not getting a dog for Christmas had to be made.
Santa is not able to carry live animals in his sleigh - phew!


Cass said...

Very cute. Lucy came to work with me th other day because I had a reptile man there for some international students, she loved holding the snakes and lizards and a tiny baby turtle.

ARTwendy ... said...

mate - what a year those chooks are in for!! just gorgeous!! love the big beaming smile ...

mummymadesigns said...

we have two female guinea pigs Karen the best pets ever oh and a much loved 12 year old staffy who doesnt bother with the guinea's

Tanya said...

Santa's great- I sure he'd find a way ;) x