Sunday 30 October 2011

Land ahoy!

I love to fly.

The rush of take-off, the pleasures that await at a new destination.

The smallest child had never flown before and enjoyed the thrill of it all, though if she were afraid to fly it would have been justifiable, given her perception...

Miss G: "Who drives this plane?"

Me: "You mean who flies it. The pilot flies it. "

Miss G: "THE PIRATE??!!"

I guess he's not called Captain for nothing!

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Sally said...

Oh how cute!!!

I heard something funny today... I'll post it later and link up to your "I hear" post. It sure did have me chuckling :)

PS - do you ever feel like mother duck with ducklings in toe?

Selina said...

Aren't they just gorgeous? Have a great flight!

Cass said...

That's funny, where are you all off too?

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Have a great time - hope you've not flown QANTAS!

Kylie said...

Look at them in their Mother made dresses. Well done - looks like they all had a good flight - LOL at Miss G:)