Friday 21 October 2011

I hear, I say

I haven't posted any of these for a while.
"I hear, I say" incorporates the amusing things said and heard in a house with two five year olds and one chatty three year old....

I hope you get a giggle.

Miss G woke up the other night whimpering and I went in to see her and asked what was wrong...
"I have a sore neck Mama".

"A sore neck - did you bump your head or were you sleeping with it bent up?? Show me where it's sore honey?"
Points inside her mouth then says...

"I have a sore neck on the inside."

"Ahh does it hurt when you swallow?"


She's anatomically correct though - your throat is the inside of your neck I guess!

Conversation Miss A had with her Grandfather about the whereabouts of her Grandmother - told to us later by her Grandfather...

Miss A: "Where's Grandmazzie today Grandfather?"

GF: "She's gone to see a play."

Miss A: "Oh, what's it called?"

GF: "Hamlet"

Miss A: "Omelette, hmmm, that's a funny name for a play!"

And it's not quite Shakespeare I am guessing.

Miss L singing a song I would happily never hear again for as long as I live called "Fairy Dancing".

"Just listen to your clothes and point your toes."

The correct lyric
"Just listen real close and point your toes."

Miss A while helping me at the sewing table.
Picks up a tool...
Miss A: "Mum, what's this?"

Me: "It's called a tailors awl."

Miss A:  "Oh yeah, I know," breaking into song  "Tailors awl as time, true as it can be...."

Sing it to the tune of Beauty and the Beast - tale as old as time.... got it??

They're small things - but amusing ones.

What made you laugh today??


thornberry said...

LOVE the tailor's awl one! Superb!

sweet emmelie said...

My 5 yr old told me as we were walking to the movies and she forgot something " Oh mum I really don't have my head on today do I" I just giggled and agreed.

p.s I answered your abrosia question with a post.

Unknown said...

Oh, I LOVE the tailors awl one!

Angela said...

That is adorable! My favourite is the listen to your clothes. Love it!

Selina said...

Linking up with you today here with a funny of my own. :)

Liz said...

Your girls made me laugh today....I miss that now that the majority of the grands are teens and nearly teens. It just isn't the same when Mr 15 say's 'hey Nana, did I tell you today JUST how awesome I really am...' said with HUGE grin and accompanying hug... :) gotta love those boys..!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I can't wait 'til my little one starts talking! I had an Aunt Glady growing up. One day her niece (not me) came home from church very excited. "We sang about you in church today! We sang Glady, the Cross-eyed Bear!" The actual hymn was Gladly, the Cross I'd Bear.