Friday 7 October 2011

A cutting edge party

Sorry, the sewing confessions will have to wait - we've been busy at a new kind of party.

Forget kitchenware of any variety, clothing, jewellery or aromatherapy; scissor (and knife) sharpening parties are the go now!

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Thanks to Nikki for hosting a lovely afternoon and to her wee girl for sharing her crafty space with many other crafty kids.

It was a bit of a jump rope dress reunion - with three of those in my last post making an appearance today (including Miss L's).

There's nothing quite like lovely sharp knives and scissors.
I'll be taking care in the kitchen for the next while, lest I accidentally cut my finger off!


Unknown said...

It was a fun gathering. Nice to see you again :)

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Still waiting for pox here so I had to miss it this time (rather than infect you all) - very disappointed and jealous of your sharp and shiny bits.
Maybe next time - fingers crossed we'll be disease free.

Belinda said...

So the question is.... are they all your scissors, or are they the 'group' scissors, lol

nicole said...

wasn't it a great afternoon?
so many childrens running around that could strangely recognise...
and are some of those scissors of the surgical variety? :S

Nikki said...

Thanks so much for coming, and for bringing your gorgeous girls.

We won't know ourselves with all these sharp knives and scissors!!

Selina said...

What a fabulous idea! Wish I were closer!

meli B said...

Did you really get all those scissors sharpened? I just got one done but was sorry I didn't bring more.

Nikki said...

Did I thank you for coming and bringing those great little crafty chicks?