Monday 31 October 2011

Bye bye Blogtoberfest

Well that's it for Blogtoberfest, surprisingly I managed to blog each day.

I say that because there were times this month when life was a little manic.

Blogtoberfest has made me post lots of things I've thought about but not gotten around to doing, there are still more brewing in my head too.

Instead of just things I've been sewing I posted about things in the world that make me sad and happy, sewing tips, health and wellness, kids craft, parties and social gatherings, fun times with my family, parenting, books and outings; much more reflective of my life really.

If you've been playing along I hope you enjoyed yourself too.

If you've been lurking here or are a new visitor, out you come and say hello. Building relationships from blogs begins with taking the plunge and commenting.

It's well worth it, believe me.

Thanks also to Cathy for hosting again. Such a great way to bring the community together.

PS - no, I didn't get those wretched dress-ups finished!!!

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Liz said...

well done Karen, takes some doing...

bec said...

But Geezus woman, you made those ruffly skirts! Send me the dress ups- we'll do a 'swap' haha. Poor,deprived children teehee

Kylie said...

Yay - congratulations to you:) Boo to me and yay to bloggy friendships (oh and forums) See you soon when we are VICTORIANS:)

Angela said...

Congratulations for blogging every day! I failed in this aspect but discovered heaps of great new blogs to follow, including yours! :)

Peta said...

Congratulations on completing Blogtoberfest, I know I could never do it!