Saturday 24 September 2011

Something I have been working on...

This is not a sewing related project that I have been 'working' on.

It's, well, me!

Last weekend I entered a fun run, the first of three that I am doing over the same distance.

After a bit of a warm up we were off and running on a cool but clear Melbourne morning.

My trusty cheer squad were well fed and watered by their Dad, to tide them over as I ran.
Having them cheer me on after the first lap was great inspiration to run harder.

You can see me in the distance approaching the finish line - the pink speck to the left of the head of the woman in grey.

All done - and feeling pretty good! (if a bit sweaty!!)

And with two of my gang when all was done.

This is something I have been working toward over the course of the year.
In February I struggled to run 1km.
This race was 8.4km and I felt comfortable the whole way through - in fact my fastest kilometre was the eighth - but amazingly all were consistent within a few seconds of each other.

While committing to exercising more has cut into my sewing time, it's helped me in lots of ways.

Decreased weight, increased self-esteem, improved ankle performance (carrying less weight on this dodgy joint has helped it a lot!), and now there is a possibility that I might not have to have further surgery and that would be a huge bonus.

I'm not kidding myself that my work here is done - I can see (particularly from the first photo!) that there is still plenty to trim down, but I am doing it!

If you want to learn more about how to get in shape and change your bad exercise and eating habits I highly recommend the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

Several of my lovely online friends have also experienced huge success with it.

It's simple and straightforward to follow.
It requires commitment and some hard work.

But I can tell you after crossing that finishing line on Sunday - it's ALL worth it.


sophie said...

Woo Hoo! That is so awesome! I am super inspired, and that is a pretty decent distance to run. Great work.

rachelmp said...

Well done Karen. That's a fantastic achievement

Tas said...

Well done, Karen. A friend of mine who has always struggled to excercise is in her 40s now and running half marathons! I admire you and her. I have made the commitment now to exercise most days, in spite of the fact that there are always other things that I could be doing (or prefer to be doing. As we get older, I think we become wise enough to know that it is a long term investment.

Selina said...

Hey Karen! That is so fantastic! I've also joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt, but through the Huggies forum. It's tailored a bit more for Mums.

Tracy said...

Way to go!!!!

Kelly Casanova said...

Wow, incredible! I'm still struggling along with my walks, I can't imagine ever doing something like a running marathon.
Well done, you must feel excellent!

Jennifer said...

Well done Karen. I know I couldnt run 1km either. I can see from the pics that there is a change from SIT in March. I think I need to start exercising too.

donna said...

Great effort Karen. And great to see you working on something for yourself!!

Carolyn said...

well done Karen!

willow and moo said...

Go Karen!!! :)

Tanya said...

I love it that you are waving at your cheer squad there at the start! Great effort, Kazz.

Anonymous said...

YAY, well done Karen!
I am doing the 12wbt this round again. I gave up last time but hopefully this time I will make it to the end.

Anonymous said...

Karen, you are looking fabulous!! Well done on the 8.4km. Looking forward to running around the lake in the early morning fog at SIT 2012 in Canberra!!

Bek said...

Oh wow! I'm really impressed, well done!!! I am a couch potato from way back, but have been planning for a while to get into running, it is so hard to find the right time, especially with little kids, so I am inspired by you!

Anonymous said...

well done karen :) what an inspiration, you ,look amazing. cheers cas

Anonymous said...

Karen thought I'd introduce you to my gorgeous friend Kayscha (in Sydney) who is also a crafter and doing 12week body transformation. Her blog is

You're looking good ;)

Leah said...

Hey Karen, well done...I did round 2 and am doing round three currently..working up to my first fun run...U have given me more inspiration to get my but into gear!
Thanks Leah x