Thursday 30 June 2011

Rugging up

Warning - pic heavy post ahead!

While snow and sleet are not exactly part of winter on a daily basis in Australia, it still gets cold enough for small folk to need a decent winter coat.

And of course this little person likes things in pink at the moment.
So I decided to have a go at making the Oliver + s School Days Coat in wool, very bright pink wool!

Like all Oliver+s patterns this came together beautifully.
There are A LOT of pieces to trace and cut (keep in mind I traced it in three sizes!)

It's fully lined - I just used a quilters cotton that the small person chose.
In the back I added a hanging hook that I made from a bias folded (but not bias cut) strip of wool, just at the base of the hood.

It has a hood and I went for front snaps rather than traditional duffle-coat-style toggles.

This is the size 7 - and she would have fit a 6 better right now but I wanted it to last for next winter too.
To give you an idea of sizing - Miss L is a thin 122cm tall child.

In typical O+s fashion there are good tips on the pattern about grading seams and doing slightly widertop-stitching when using a thick fabric like wool.

I'm not a fan of velcro - and like it even less in a lovely coat like this so think I will use sew on snaps for that step next time - it just spoils the look of it for me...

There's a little hand-stitching to secure the lining of the sleeve and coat to the hems but the rest was done easily on the machine.

Even the pockets are lined, another nice touch.

I wanted to use self-covered buttons on the closures but my machine couldn't cope with the thickness of the double layer of wool, it wouldn't feed at all.

So I opted for snaps - in the same colour as the coat and I am really happy with how they came out, given they were not my first choice.

My friend is very happy with her new coat.

Even if I wouldn't let her wear it to kinder today, where she and her friends have taken to playing a game called "Smashy" on the slide - where you all pile together, one person's feet colliding into the back of the next.  Hmmm - not good for a new coat!

So instead she wore it on an outing to visit the ducks and have a run with her sisters.
It seemed to do the trick!

Are you following me with that camera??

If you want a traditional winter coat that is stylish enough to be good at the park or a party this is a great option.
I highly recommend this pattern  - and there's nothing in it for me. 
I'm just blogging, not flogging (definition number 2).


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

What a beautiful coat.

My mother used to sew like that for us, but I don't tend to make garments for my kids. It is a lovely pattern, perhaps I should start.

Very inspiring

Kelly Casanova said...

Oh, it's gorgeous, the colour is just perfect!

Cass said...

Karen it looks fantastic but you know you will have to make 2 more now.

Carolyn said...

very perdy
and very skillful!
looks wonderful!
cant wait to see the other 2.

Christy said...

This looks lovely - great job!

Unknown said...

I like the pink snaps. I think they look better than the other snaps, and easier to use than buttons. Im with you on the velcro too.

Lyndel said...

Oh Karen, you have done a great job! it is beautiful. well done, one down, 2 to go??

Seaweed and Raine said...

Miss L Looks so pretty in her new pink coat(But then again, she would look pretty in a brown paper sack)!
You have done a wonderful Job K - and now you have set a standard for the other 2! ;) I am in awe.

mountainwildlife said...

Wow thats amazing! You are obviously a skilled seamstress. I can't imagine sewing something so complex and so thick, I don't think my machine would be happy!Your daughter looks like she loves it, well done :-)

Tas said...

That is amazing. Such a beautiful coat!

cherri said...

Fantastic coat Karen - I made one for DS a couple of months back and just finished DD's (just in time for the school holidays!).

I am not a fan of handstitching so I stitched the sleeve hems together by machine. I found a tutorial online somewhere about it - it is super fast and neat.

The snaps look fantastic - I must steal that idea for next year!

The girls are looking so big! Love the colour btw...


Kylie said...

It looks great Karen - well done. She does look rather pleased with it.

willow and moo said...

Totally fabulous!

LisaNZ said...

Beautiful coat, may I ask where you got your pink wool out from? just gorgeous btw