Wednesday 15 June 2011

No wooden spoon here!

Early on in the sewalong, Megan wondered if she might end up being the winner of the wooden spoon - but here's proof that she is definitely not!

A great combination of Prints Charming reds and blues in the front panel.

Cute dotted denim for the back.

And here she is ready for winter - the scarf looks great with your skirt Megan!
Again I love the hint of red with the exposed bias on the bottom.

Sheridan will also not be awarded the wooden spoon as she has finished her PC skirt - check it out here.

And Lara has completed three more skirts!  See her second skirt on her blog here.

I've got the skirt bug and got my sister-in-law's measurements and made up an Anna Maria Horner and chocolate brown linen version for her birthday.

Excuse the dodgy pic - I snapped it just before giving it to her!!
For anyone yet to make a skirt up - generally it seems people are finding the waist turns out too big using the system in the Sew What Skirts book.

I used the 2" ease measurement for my first attempt and the 1" ease for my second and both times it was too big - keep this in mind and make sure you adjust the fit before finishing the waistband as you are making your own skirt.

I promise I will post some sewing other than skirts soon!!


NessaKnits said...

That is a very lovely skirt. I want one!

Cass said...

I'm definitely getting the wooden spoon. I still haven't cut mine out

thornberry said...

That does look terrific! Great colour combination and I love the spotted back. Nice work Megan! And the one you've made is gorgeous too Karen ;-)

sophie said...

fantastic you skirt making machine you!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Awesome!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

quilary said...

The skirts look fantastic.
I've got the book coming so I will eventually have the 'uniform' for SIT in Canberra - but does this mean I'm chasing the wooden spoon now?

Sally said...

Oh they're all so lovely. The prints charming fabric is fantastic.

Belinda said...

Hi Karen,
It was lovely to meet you today at the fundraiser.
Love the skirt - looks great.
Have a great night