Friday 7 January 2011

As Christmas slips away...

I am not sure if I showed this last year - I might have shown you bits but not the finished scene, anyway, if I did then bear with me!

This is our nativity.
The plan was to add to it each year.
I have to confess - I added nothing. The poor shepherds did not even get hair.

The backdrop is just some dark blue panne velvet with the stars glued on - I want to make some trees to stand in front of it to help it merge more with the stable.

The poor green King seems to be 'scalped' once each year! There must be something about his little sparkly sequin on the crown that is irresistible.

I did of course make two baby Jesus' last year as I was sure that one would go missing (which it never did).
The girls discovered it and declared "Baby Jesus has a twin sister too!"

They found it hiding at the bottom of the box again this year.
So while most of the time the crib looked like this...

I did find it to be quite a full crib on a couple of occasions!

And those poor bald, sheepless shepherds in their needle-felted robes.

One of my aims for this year is to make good on the "one new character/ animal for the nativity for 2011" pledge.

After all, a good bit of hand sewing is just what I need to take with me for Sew It Together 2011 in March, don't you think?


Tracy said...

Adorable. I'd like to make something like that too.

Tanya said...

Kazz, I love it. I also think it's very funny that your family has given baby Jesus a twin sister! Did you use a pattern? I have been wanting to make a bit of a nativity scene for our house too.

Nic said...

Karen that Nativity is amazing, I can't believe you made it all! by the way did you ever make the christmas outfit for yourself?????

willow and moo said...

Oh that would be a perfect project for SIT! :)

Claireabell said...

This is so lovely! We don't have a nativity and I looked everywhere for one last year. Maybe I need to make one.

Natalie said...

Great to see your nativity scene! would be lovely to have something like that to add to each year, or every couple of years ;)

Mrs Minton makes... said...

I Love your nativity scene... yes even those bald shepherds! So so cute!