Monday 6 December 2010

And yet more

Told you I got lots finished at Sewjourn!!

Here are two more completed garments.
There wasn't much to be done here as I confessed, but the recipients are super-happy with these.

This little Miss is looking quite pale - she's been unwell all week but jumped at the chance to pose in her leotard.
I used the same sparkly iron-on for both as the other designs were a little lacking in a distinct shape, I just picked these up at Spotlight and was impressed at how easy they were to use.
Custom made - so it fits the very long torso of Miss A.
I picked up this gorgeous soft velour in a bulk pack at Rathdown Remnants ages ago.

The pattern is from an edition of Ottobre that I specifically chose for a leotard pattern.
It's late and I'm tired so I'm not going to look up which edition unless you really want to know!

There's a little more growing room in these which is great - and the best bit -  not a wedgie to be seen at gymnastics.

Miss L declared that she loved, loved, loved it and was never taking it off, not even for a wash!
I'm happy with that as my report card.

When asked where it was from by another mum, Miss L told her "My mum made it for me" and then Miss A added "my mum sews 30 50 things!"
Which is apparently the biggest number you can imagine.


Little Munchkins said...

30 50 things is very impressive indeed! Those leotards look amazing!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Nothing quite like having your kids as some of your biggest fans, is there?! :) I'm sure the girls will have lots of fun in their leotards.

michal said...

so cute, and so usefull! My girls would have loved these very much too!

Leonie said...

Hi, Not sure how to contact you but we wanted to say a big thank you for Elise's swap package in the kids christmas swap. I hope yours has arrived too :)

Kelly Casanova said...

I love the velour, gorgeous colour!