Thursday 18 November 2010

This one time on sewing camp...

There have been lots of girls blog about their time spent at Sewjourn and how wonderful it is - but trust me - words won't do it justice.

48 hours of clear sewing time - let me say that again..

As a mum with three kids aged four and under and a husband, a freelance job and a bunch of other commitments - that just never happens, until Sewjourn.

But the best thing about it??
Spending that time with other like-minded individuals.
People who didn't look at me strangely (or with a glazed expression) as we chatted about fabric ranges, or the merits of a french seam versus an overlocked one, or discussed fabric types and their uses and compared patterns.

Photo from Lara's blog!
Rachel, Lara, (Me), Catherine, Annie and Nikki
Spending time with such a friendly, funny, kind, generous, warm and very talented bunch of ladies was the highlight for me.

There were the early birds who got up and sewed in their PJ's before even having breakfast and a fellow night-owl to keep me company.
There was sewing for children, for yourself, for a friend, for a gift.
There was (much to Lara's disgust!) hand-stitching, cover-stitching, overlocking, free-motion quilting, stretch sewing and lots of pattern tracing and seam pressing.

And amongst all that we shared wonderful conversations while getting through an absolute mountain of sewing.

What can I say...
Thanks ladies, I had a ball.

I came home to two test patterns to get done for Toni (I forgot to pack the stretch fabric I needed  to get them done at Sewjourn!) and then an unscheduled two day visit with my parents, hence my delay in blogging!!

I'll share some of what I made in the next couple of days. It included finishing off a couple of those UFO's I mentioned.

Thanks also to blogless Kerry for taking the above photo that I 'borrowed' from Lara's blog, and hello to blogless Megan who was with us until Saturday afternoon.


thornberry said...

So glad that you enjoyed it Karen - it was such a pleasure having you with us. I want to see that village dress on your daughter! Just divine.

Sally said...

How wonderful. I am so green with envy. Looks like such a wonderful weekend away.

One Second Needle said...

Thanks for this post sharing your experiences with Sewjourn. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Luisa said...

The idea of 48 hours free sewing time is too much for me!
I'm already imagining what I would 'indulge' in...maybe start that quilt I've been hankering to do?....or make some more pretty dresses for my little one?...oh...or I could make a batch of PJ bottoms for my boy who has endless holey knees in his?...

Great idea!

Ellieboo said...

Good for you - glad to see you had such a fantastic time - dedicated sewing time would be so lovely, I am just a little, titchy bit jealous

rachelmp said...

It was so much fun! I came back to the stretch sewing too

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

Have fun !!

Cass said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Those weekends really are great

MY SPACE said...

AWESOME! Hoping to get to Sewjourn some day with the girls from Essential Baby Quilters!