Monday 25 October 2010

MIP Monday

About this time last year I teased you all with a series of sneak peeks of garments I was working on for Toni at Make It Perfect.

Well now that Toni has done the big reveal I can show you what I was up to!

Let's start with skirts - always a winner in my house.

This litle skirt is called Vanilla Splice.
It and the apron skirts below are made using part of the same pattern - just with different variations.

Look how small my baby is!
She still loves this skirt and wears it heaps.

These two Tea Party Apron skirts have been a huge hit and worn endlessly - in fact it has been hard to post some pics as they are wearing them. You might actually have seen them before on my blog but not realised!

And here is the littlest again in the Fizzy Frothy Bubble skirt - very sweet and puffy.
Made from some of my very treasured Heather Ross bikes fabric - we love this skirt.

These are just a few of the patterns I tested - I'll post more next Monday to tempt you further!

In the meantime add this book to your Christmas list as you won't be disappointed.
There are lots of patterns to chose from - made using clear and simple instructions.

Head on over to Rachel's blog to check out some of the test garments she made.


Cass said...

Karen love the skirts can't believe you used that Heather Ross bike fabric. My girls were lucky to be gifted the bubble skirt and the Vanilla Splice from Novy. I must blog them now I am finally able to

Nic said...

Oooooh, I wish I had a girl! Hope there going to be some boy patterns in the MIP book because I love her stuff :)

Tanya said...

Karen- all gorgeous, as usual made even more fantastic by your excellent fabric combos. Yep, it's on my christmas list!

JenniE said...

Oh, these skirts are so lovely! I love the way you have mixed the fabrics.
Greetings from Finland,

Kylie said...

I saw this come though on the new releases coming for the Learning Ladder and have pre ordered it:) The skirts look great:)

Gina said...

Your girls must be the best-dressed kids around.

Hmmm, baby number three, you'd better be a skirt-wearer...

Becky said...

I think this book is now on my list :)