Monday 23 August 2010

A hint of spring...

There was a hint of spring here in Melbourne yesterday, so I took the chance to photograph the girls in their new Miss Madeline dresses.

You can see they were pretty happy to put them on, I didn't have to ask twice...

And because her big sisters wore theirs, the smallest child had to get in on the action!

Miss A chose some Farbenmix mushrooms with a simple red dot for hers and is pretty pleased with her selections.

While Miss L stuck with a tried and tested combo - Patty Young's Modkids Flora and Fauna prints. The exact same prints she chose or her party dress!

You can tell by the gumboots peeking out in a couple of the shots that there really was just a hint of spring, the grass was pretty dewey even though the sun was shining.

You might notice the rather large hems I have left, that's because the girls have a tendency to grow too tall for their clothes rather than too wide.


Ashleigh said...

Gorgeous dresses, gorgeous girls.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

brrrrr - these dresses will be lovely when it warms up a little more.

What co-operative daughters you have - and lucky ones too.

The Princess and the Pea is still my favorite.

I usually do my summer sewing in about March - so you are doing much better than me ;-)

sweet emmelie said...

absolutely gorgeous! you really are sewing like a machine!

Susan said...

So gorgeous! Susan :)

Stripes and Stars said...

Pretty dresses and welly boots - what more could you ask for. Its funny reading about spring arriving, and our summer in the UK is nearly over.

Cass said...

Love them all but I have to say Miss L's choice is a winner for me

Little Munchkins said...

All your girls look so cute and pretty together in their new clothes.

I was thinking of sewing the Miss Madeline using the Patty Young fabrics! Haha - that would be right wouldn't it, since we have the same tastes in fabrics. But I haven't cut mine out so I might use something else instead.

There WAS a hint of spring today, but it was still a bit too cold for my liking. Bring on summer!

Pippi creates said...

Gorgeous dresses, love the material matches.

Tanya said...

ooooooh, very keen on them all but particularly the aqua.

Maxabella said...

These dresses are so pretty! They look like a summer flower border all sweet in the sunshine.

This is my first visit to your blog and I really like it. It's very inspirational and creative. I'll be back for sure!


Sally said...

Beautiful dresses.
I absolutely adore that first shot... isn't the youngest so thrilled to be dressed up and photographed with her big sisters. Wonderful.

What is that label I spy on the dresses? What does it say??? Sorry if I am being too nosy!

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...


I have just received the "Blog with Substance" award and chose to pass it on to you. I hope you will swing by and take the time to grab yours and pass it own to fellow bloggers


Seaweed and Raine said...

You have used delish fabrics (once again! :) ) The girls look gorgeous in their dresses. Bring on spring!!! I can't wait!

Being such a fabric lover I'm just wondering if you could help me identify this fabric?

Thanks Karen!