Saturday 10 July 2010

Livin' in her Uptown world

I couldn't help but hum the lyrics to the Billy Joel track Uptown Girl when I was tracing/cutting/sewing this little jacket, as it is indeed the Uptown Girl jacket by Toni of Make It Perfect.

I must confess, I have had this jacket pattern for quite some time with the intention of sewing it up, but had just never got far enough down the 'to do' list each winter.
So it just kept getting put off.

It's such a sweet jacket.
Fully reversible with a hood and fold up contrasting cuffs, and gathering on the front and back yoke so it's 'dressy' enough to wear for a special outing.

I did it with cotton quilt batting inside intead of Pellon. Jen had done it and said it was nice and soft and warm and I agree, thanks Jen.

I also added a snap at the top and put the button over the top just for show. Claire had done something similar to this with magnetic snaps and I had the same trouble with the machine having trouble with the layers.
So thanks ladies for sharing what you did as you made this.

Despite the way it looks in this pic - the jacket is even!

I made this out of some really lovely heavy red and white woven cotton from Spotlight.
Nic made this gorgeous skirt using it, and I'm pretty sure Tania used the same stuff to make her lovely skirt with too.

The lining is just simple navy with white hailspots from Spotty as well.
I also made a flower rosette brooch to wear on the navy side to give it a lift, but the smallest rejected that out of hand.
"Off, no-like" she said in her clear little voice grabbing at the afore-mentioned brooch. So it's sitting on a shelf at the moment...

This pattern goes from sizes 0 to 5. But I have it under very good authority that it will soon be coming in larger sizes.
I can't wait to whip another couple up for the big girls.

Stay tuned for the coordinating Dortje pants and the moment where I consider whether I have taken it one step too far...


Little Munchkins said...

Isn't that cute! I adore it and Miss G must look so very cute wearing it.

Which reminds me, I need to sew up Munchkins or she won't be able to wear it soon.

cherri said...

Gorgeous Karen - Your fabrics are really, really pretty - love it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the mention Karen. I like that people are starting to find nicer fabric at Spotlight. Maybe they have been listening to the complaints.

Tania said...

Those Uptown Girl lyrics are a killer! No doubt I'll still be lying in bed with Billy Joel on a loop inside my head, wide awake, ready for a round ball football match in the wee small hours...

PS. You're absolutely correctomundo. The skirt is teh very same Spotlight fabric – and I only wish I'd used it to make a jacket. You do great jacket, lady.

Cass said...

Karen I absolutely love it and it looks great on as I just noticed in the next post. But now I can't stop singing Uptown Girl!

Oh and I must have the worst Spotlight mine never has stuff like that

Kate said...

I love it!
I love that pattern too.
I made one for Pepper a while back and still haven't worked out how to fasten it though so she hasn't worn it yet. Better get on to that.
Have a wonderful week. X

Gypsy said...

It's beautiful Karen, I love it!

Carolyn said...

isnt it a great pattern! I made it last year and its one of those patterns taht will get used again and again, till my girls grow out of them!

love your version too!

Kelly Casanova said...

That is one gorgeous little jacket!

make it perfect said...

this is adorable karen! love it so much - great fabric choices.

K.L. said...

I have had this pattern and fabrics I want to so it with for ages and just haven't seemed to get into gear for it but now imdying to start. Great thinking for the batting I will def use that tip