Wednesday 14 April 2010

Magnificent mail

When you're small there is nothing better than getting the mail, my older two girls race out each day to check if the postie has been.

But as you get older and realise that too often the mail means more bills, the gloss wears off.

Yesterday though - the mail was magnificent.

First up a parcel from Susan which contained, among other goodies my fabulous sparkly-lettered name badge for the Sew It Together blog meet.

It was beautifully packaged but I was in such a hurry to get into it that I pulled it all apart without taking a photo.

You can see it here with the cute swing tag Susan made and attached to the 'brown paper package tied up with string'.

Susan also included other goodies (oops, I feel bad - sorry Julie you just got your badge!), some excellent Kikki K number tags (which I have used here to indicate my age of course!) and a book which she rightly thought might be just what I need while off my feet.

Very thoughtful, thanks Susan.

The other parcel was a package of goodies from Toni of Make It Perfect with some patterns, including the lovely Blossom skirt, some ribbon, a sweet embroidered pencil-case/pouch, very sweet little magnets, some made with buttons and a piece of my very most favourite Laura Gunn birdcages fabric.

Thanks ladies for making my day!

Here is the progress on my pin-cushion for the big swap, and since this pic, it has progressed a little further.

It's due to be posted on Friday and so far I am right on track - just one more row of stitching to be completed tonight.

My recipient lives on a farm, so I added a pair of red gumboots to the design.
(I don't think that narrows it down too much - there are lots of country gals in the swap)

Oh and thanks for all the 'ankle love'.

The crutches are gone as of last night (hooray) and I am slowly making my way around the house again.

Miss A asked when I would be 'hooman' and I think I will be human again within another week or so!


Kelly said...

What lovely mail! I am glad the recovery is going well

Unknown said...

Lovely name badge, I really like the way Susan added your name, and what a lovely little package. It looks like it has been a good mail week for you, goodies from Toni too, and I can't wait to see your finished pincushion.

Kate said...

When I saw the K package on Susan's blog, I was certain it was coming here.
That pin cushion looks AMAZING!!! Lucky farmer girl indeed. X

Julie said...

Cool badge and your pin cushion progress looks just gorgeous. After receiving my fab badge I wish I was your pin cushion partner now.

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

I have never wished I lived on a farm more than just now!

Bek said...

The pin cushion in progress is lovely. Really sweet!

Snooze said...

I'm so glad the parcel arrived. I'm more of a paper crafter than a sewer, so it was lots of fun getting out my paper stash to create the extra tag for you. That's also the reason why you ended up with metal letters ... I thought it would be fun to merge the two. I can't wait to met ... only a month to go.

make it perfect said...

you are very welcome karen!
i didn't know that laura gunn fabric is one of your favourites - glad i choose that one now!