Tuesday 16 March 2010

Slowing down

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In the coming weeks I'll probably be around here a bit less.

In 'two sleeps' (as the girls say) I'm having my right ankle reconstructed.
It's scheduled surgery so we've been able to plan for it, which helps a bit.

Team sport is great, I am a huge advocate of sport/recreational activities in all guises.
It's just that 25 years of quite competitive basketball and many, many sprains, strains and injuries to the same, somewhat weakened joint, has left me finding some day-to-day tasks (like walking down stairs, or stepping backward to push a swing) quite difficult and painful.

So into hospital I go.

My question to you is - what do you do to fill in your time when given an enforced rest?

But what else to do?

Please share your ideas with me about what to do to keep these usually busy hands from being idle.

Things you need to keep in mind;
  1. I am seriously crap at crochet and knitting!!
  2. It is my right ankle being operated on, also known at the foot that pushes the pedal on the sewing machine, not sure how I will go 'driving' my machine with the left.
PS - thanks for all the lovely feedback for the nappy wallet tute - I will get onto it ASAP but given my 'to do' list it might be a few weeks away! Sorry!


Unknown said...

My choices of what to do would be reading, watching DVD's/ television series that I keep hearing about but never get to, cross stitching and sleeping! Good luck with the operation, hope it goes well and you are (literally) back on your feet soon!

Unknown said...

I was actually going to suggest learn to crochet. But if you're crap at it...

Anyway, Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes has a 10 part tutorial on how to make a granny square. I was never able to work it out until I followed her tutorial.

Kirsty said...

Ack...so frustrating. I did heaps of embroidery when I was similarly laid up. Hand piecing? Hope it's not too painful.

Becky said...

Will be thinking of you while you rest up. If it was me, I would edit the 1000+ photos on my computer so I could get them sorted and printed as well as catch up with my 2010 reading.

Is there a TV series you wish you had watched? Might be a good chance to get some dvds and start with season 1.

Pity you don't knit, that would be perfect! Might be a good chance to learn :)

Kylie said...

Well you know me - I would be knit knit knitting - humm - do you have any more of those little felt kits that you could work on. Reading would be on the list.

Rest up - hope that you have some help for the girls:) You could start finger knitting or using a knitting nancy with them:)

Gina said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear it. I hope it goes smoothly and you are able to be confident on your ankle again in good time.

It actually sounds as though you have enough hand-sewing projects on the go! But if you want more, make some yo-yos or cut and baste some hexagons for paper piecing. They could either become part of a big long ongoing project, or be used up in embellishing smaller projects if you prefer. Either way, they won't be wasted.

I'm not a yarn girl either... boo to crochet!

CurlyPops said...

Gee thats a difficult one!
I would try handpiecing - maybe you could make lots of pincushions and put them away for future presents - or make some felt flowers or covered buttons?

bec said...


Little Munchkins said...

The things that came to my mind was knitting, crochet or do a hexagon quilt. You can do one which is entirely by hand, well the quilt front is anyway.

It doesn't have to be a big quilt, even a doll quilt perhaps?

Gilly said...

Oh best of luck with the op - I would catching up on true Blood, Big love and Mad men on DVD :)

Charity said...

I think I'd be reading and knitting, but what about papercrafts? I've seen some cool sewing on paper (cards & the like), too.

I hope you have a smooth operation, and a speedy recovery!

Bek said...

Good luck for your operation. Hope you recover nice and quickly. I am no good at thinking of things to do when resting. Over the past few months of morning sickness I have gone crazy with boredom! I'm sure you won't though- there are some great suggestions here!

cherri said...

Goodluck Karen - there have been a lot of suggestions but I will add these...make a list or two or three - you know, things you want to do, with the girls or hubby or for yourself. Ring around insurance companys and make sure you are not over charged (I hate that job so a good one for when there is nothing to do)...ummm...pick patterns and fabric online for sewing...write a years worth of birthday cards so you are prepared...maybe rest and sleep?? Sort photos/file into albums...the list goes one!

Natalie said...

All the best with the op Karen! If I was on bedrest, I'd probably catch up on some DVDs, reading, commenting on blog posts and taking up some stitcheries (I have a long list of one's I'd love to do for wall hangings, appliques etc). Oh and lots of sleep too lol

Nikki said...

I would read and read and read and read.... and probably do a spot of embroidery (teach the girls?).

If you're looking for a hand-sewn project, I have a test job for my (not so) secret sewing project that you might be iterested in. Email me if you are...

Mel said...

Good luck and hop it all goes smoothly! I'd be thinking dvd's and books as my R&R! Digital scrapbooking would be my other outlet :)

My hubby did all our wedding stationary and reception tablecards etc . stuff after his knee reconstruction, gosh .. 10 years ago now! lol

Thinking of you! *HUGS* *mwah* lol Mel xox

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Listen to books-on-tape, known as Audio books these days! That leaves your hands free for sketching new quilting/sewing projects; organizing your fabric/button/thread stash; I like to make cards, which often envolves a lot of coloring. If al else fails you can try ice cream and chocolate! Here's to a speedy recovery.

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

yep get crafty for sure..Needle felting??? and whilst you're at it "write" the alphabet with your left foot repeatedly - using full range of motion from your ankle....'twill build strength and hopefully prevent the need for surgery on that one later on..has worked for me and mine. Ahhhh team sports heh! Darts anyone?
go well. Peta xo

Kristy Chan said...

Hope it all goes well, sounds like torture not being able to sew! This isn't going to help you, but my new sewing machine has a function where it has a stop start button feature, rather than using the footpedal and I've always wondered what the point of it was, but now I know. Good luck for the next few weeks

Kelly Casanova said...

Hope you're feeling ok. Enforced rest drives me nuts but a few things that help:

Buy as many magazines as you can afford!
Write lists of ideas, goals and sketches for when you're better.
Hand embroidery
Any hand sewing, little felt things etc.
Get lots of books from the library!

Anonymous said...

All the best with the op and recovery Karen. I take from this that you will have some good help that will allow you some 'K' time as you recouperate. (otherwise I envisage all the other jobs you could still be doing / have to do because someone has to! How about ironing sitting down, a lovely stool at the kitchen bench to prepare meals) - so help it is, and I highly recommend the photo sort, print and file, or even just upload the good ones to someone who prints hardback albums.

Just imagine what you'll be able to do with a reconstructed ankle!


Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Good luck with the operation - I hope you are able to have a restful and relaxing time rather than being frustrated.

Sounds like you have a few projects on the go - I recon hand sewing is the go though.

Also, DVDs - grab a bunch of weeklies or TV shows.

Is it that you can't crochet/knit or don't want to? I have just learnt to crochet using a youTube video. I just watched and copied over and over til I got it.