Thursday 18 February 2010

My Creative Space

Is all about what I am plotting and planning to do in the coming weeks, months and years!

I was recently been given these two amazing books.

So much to look at and take in that I have been reading them in little grabs over the past few nights and days, whenever a quiet moment presents itself.
(which means of course there is still a lot to read!)

They are quite different and while there are projects from both I will undertake, I have to say that 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love' has captured my heart.

It is filled with the most divine colourful images of clothing made in gorgeous European fabric (boy do they have a great range compared to us!).

The book also has some great tips for sewing stretch fabric, embellishing items and an excellent section about measuring your child properly and then making clothes to their size, to ensure a good fit.

Then of course there is this gorgeous pic of a Redondo skirt made by a lovely Aussie gal, well done Sara!

I also got a subscription to Ottobre which included a free back issue.

After checking out their website I came across this one which has two versions of a leotard (something the girls are dying for me to make for them)

And also some very lovely dresses and skirts with ruffles down the back that I would like to tackle for winter.
Should keep me busy for a while don't you think!
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Belinda said...

I have the Ottobre with the ruffle dress/skirt in it. I have been in love with it since I got it years ago..... This is the perfect year for me to make it for Layla.

Kylie said...

What lovely things to admire - have fun with all of your new patterns and inspiration.

Becky said...

Those books look wonderful!

willow and moo said...

I really need to look through my SCKL book more! I think I'll do that tomorrow while they are putting in my kitchen.

That issue of Ottobre was the first one that I got, and I still love it. I made that ruffle back skirt and the pinafore. After that I was totally hooked.

Beck said...

Lots of lovely ideas in these books! Aren't the photo's gorgeous too. I wonder which one you will try first..? xo

Natalie said...

I've been eyeing off that book as well wondering if I should get it. I have that issue of Ottobre and hope that my little miss has grown tall enough for that pini and skirt - the ruffles are just adorable aren't they!

Sally said...

Decisions decisions decisions... how will you choose which amazing project to start first?!?!

Anonymous said...

have fun with the otto's! Do however put a note in your diary to reconsider your susbscription before 12 months is up, as it's an ongoing affair, not an annual deal.


Gilly said...

Isnt the book magic - its inspiring to say the least.

Nikki said...

Should keep you buys for a while...??? That is a crazy amount of beautiful ideas and things to make Karen. Your girls are going to be spolit with homemade things. How gorgeous are those dress & skirts with ruffles on the back.

But don't forget to put something for you in there every now and then!

Kelly Casanova said...

They look fantastic, so nice to see Sara's work in there too.

Cindy said...

Well paint me jealous! So much GREAT stuff. I love the look of the Japanese book, I have had my eye on that one. Your girls are very lucky

Wendy said...

I'll bet your Things To Do list is growing exponentially...have fun!

Ellieboo said...

Oh no - more books to go on my wish list.