Tuesday 9 February 2010

Frilling sewing

The most frilling, uh I mean, thrilling thing about decorating these little tops is that it is very quick and easy, making it a rewarding sewing project.

I have lots of plain singlets and T's here and decided to 'pretty up' a few by adding some ruffles.

For this one I cut three strips of Anna Maria Horner voile that was left over from my kaftan and ran two rows of gathering stitches through the centre.

I gathered them up, then pinned and stitched them in place by sewing one line through the middle of each ruffle before removing the gathering stitches.

That's it. No hemming - I like that they are going to be slightly ragged after washing.

For the second one I did a rolled hem in the pink along one edge of each of the three strips then hemmed each end of the strips before sewing them to the top with the right sides together.

Then I flipped each strip over and ironed it down before topstitching to make them sit flatter on the shirt.

Too easy.

Of course the real reason I made these could just have been so I could test out my super-cute new crafty steam iron that my parents got me for my birthday!

It made pressing these little fiddly items a breeze, and I know it will be ideal for pressing the seams on the backpacks when next I make one.

It even has its own tiny water-measuring jug!


Gina said...

The ruffles are lovely... dang I wish I could just chuck a few onto the boys' shirts to cover the stains!

But it's that tiny iron which has really captured my heart. So sweet!And useful!

Sarah-Jo said...

I bet your girls a frilled to bits with these tops!

naomi said...

cute cute!!
I didn't realise you could get irons so small, might have to look into this:)

Luisa said...

very sweet, and makes a plain top look specials...
love your iron!

Kirsty said...

How cool is that iron! Perfect companion for the multi tasker.

Becky said...

I really like the top ruffle shirt and can see myself doing something like that :)

Charity said...

Those ruffles are sweet! My Gwenyth has seen the picture, and now thinks some ruffles for her are in order! :o)

Mel said...

I love the first singlet, I have done a few of these for my girls and they are perfect for hiding stubborn marks! LOL!

I want an iron just like that!!!!

Kylie said...

Does that mean that you actually like ironing now:)

They look great:)

make it perfect said...

Brilliant!! Lil has a couple of plain tees with big ugly stains down the front that I wanted to cover up with something...might have to give the frills a go!

Sally said...

Loving your frills. What a great way to use remnants.