Sunday 14 February 2010

Formal T's

If the occassion is formal you might need to wear your very best T-shirt.

A couple of gifts for birthday parties in the last couple of days.

It's hard to find something different for boys, so if you haven't already seen them then check out the posts by Rae and Dana - they're celebrating the boy all this month.

This idea was from a post on Dana's blog - really, really simple and quick but also very effective and it has the cute factor that boy things often don't get.

Made with some Echino and some robots I got from Amitie a while back.


Unknown said...

I saw those t-shirts on Dana's blog and they have joined my list. They look great!

naomi said...

love the echino one! Looks great on the black.

Anonymous said...

Those tops are so cute Karen! I love that Echino fabric, it must have been popular as I can't find it anywhere now. Putting this on the list of things to make for my boy! Renae

Anonymous said...

These are fabulous! I am always after new boy ideas and these will be top of the list next time I need to whip up a boy gift.

Gina said...

Brilliant! Just fantastic. Must do some.

cherri said...

awesome - they look great!