Thursday 10 December 2009

My Creative Space

Is filled with frills.

The present making has been set aside while I tackle the Christmas dresses.

After much deliberation I decided not to go with the three dresses I wanted to make, two of which were not twirly.

Instead I am going with the current "twirly' trend of our two three-year-olds and all the girls will be getting a Feliz dress, the ultimate in twirlability.

Pictured above, the online sewing guide put together by Trillium, brilliant - I don't know if I could have made this dress without it as the instructions are scant, at best.
Thanks to Carolyn for putting me onto it.

The pattern itself that I picked up from here.

Completed underdress panel with the frills that will be down the back.
The most divine vintage fabric with a little girl and her dog going about their daily chores that came to me via a friend of my Dad.

Head on over to Kirtsy's new digs to see who else is playing along in the final creative space for this year.


Vic said...

Ah, I spy another Crafty Mama!

It's already looking super twirly - what else could a girl ask for in a dress, seriously..?!

Cherry said...

Twirly Christmas dresses! Perfect! x

Kate said...

Wow Karen, it is going to be a work of art! The frills, the spots and the little girl fabric...what more could a girl want?!

Beck said...

Great frills! My Rosie would LOVE those dresses, she is a serious twirler! How lovely you are making them dresses,they will remember that forever xo

yardage girl said...

What a lovely little dress - festive and fun for girly girls!

Unknown said...

Ah I remember the 'twirly' stage well...if it didn't twirl then it just wasn't a proper skirt was it?

Tania said...

I have my head in my hands because you have hit the nail on the head! I too, should be making twirlies for my girlies. They would want for nothing else! (The boy kid wouldn't be that impressed though).

Nikki said...

I laughed that there is a "twirly' trend happening at your place. I hope that you ar getting some enjoyment from the
"too much twirling so disoritented and fall over but don't get hurt"
part Karen! The girl and dog fabric reminds me of when I was young... you too?

Kelly Casanova said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the end product!

fallen~from~grace said...

Now that is one fantastic looking back panel of a feliz !!! I cannot wait to see it all finished and modelled.
We are still going through the twirly phase here too and my girls are 6 and 8, so you've got a few more good years of twirliness left yet

Anna Bartlett said...

I was just going to make oliver & s's popover sundress as a christmas dress - but now I want to be twirly too! I've cut out an apron panel as a front piece so I might have to do it anyway - but your twirly style dresses are next on my list!