Friday 16 October 2009

My Creative Space

More lovely wool felt, rolls of ribbon and match boxes ready to be teamed up with some cardboard, thread and a little doll to make up a kit.

The kits are for a crafty Girl's Night In that I am hosting next week with a bunch of friend and their friends.

Trixi kindly said it was fine with her for me to help my friends make up a travelling doll's house.
They are really sweet, and simple to make - maybe that's why the response has been so good.

That and the fact that the Cancer Council is a great cause too.

See what's happening in other crafty homes by visiting Kirsty's place.


Unknown said...

It sounds like a fun night, Karen.

Nikki said...

Enjoy your girls night in!
I kind-of want to eat that felt..... it's gorgeous stuff, isn't it?

Oh - BTW - I'm very impressed with yours and Carmel's project lists. I just carry all that mess around in my head..... no wonder I run out of room in there to remember where I left the scissors! I'm off to make a list....

Christina Lowry said...

Sounds like a fantastic event for a great cause. What wonderful materials you have there to work with as well. I hope it is an enjoyable and successful evening! :)

Kate said...

What a fantastic project. That felt and ribbon pile looks gorgeous. I hope you have the best fun.

Leah said...

What a great idea, have lots of fun and dont eat to much will you!
So glad to hear the Simosas went down a treat!

Penny said...

Pretty colours! Have fun at your Girl's Night In!