Friday 9 October 2009

Felt folk for festivities

A few people were wondering about getting supplies to make up little felt clothed folk such as the kings I've been making for my nativity, so I thought I'd get you all started.
(go on, you know you want to make some!).

Here are the updated pics of the kings - all they need now are their various gifts.

I'm using 10cm tall wooden flexible people and 100% wool felt because once you've used it you'll never use the acrylic stuff again.

Various bits and pieces such as the small cross and star on the kings just came from the haberdashery department at Spotlight as did the gold tie at the waist of one of them and the cardboard for two of the crowns.

I got all my first supplies and the guidance to get going from Shelley at Little Sparrow.
She has a great range of all things related to doll making, felting, knitting and hand crafts in general.
And she's knowledgeable, helfpul and friendly to boot.
What more could you want.

A friend picked up some additional little folk from Sylph in Croydon and I grabbed some extra felt from The Steiner Store in Kew, who also stock the little people.
Today I went to Winterwood in Park Orchards and got this fabulous book

from which I will make my donkey and more animals in the years to come such as the camels, sheep, pigs and cows, but probably not the penguins or the polar bears!

I also got some supplies to try my hand at dry felting so I can embellish the cloaks for the shepherds and put fleece on sheep.

These four shops are all based in Melbourne but I know Winterwood and Little Sparrow both do mail order.
Let me stress I am very much a beginner at this and am crafting by the seat of my pants!
To see how the experts do it check out Sam and Peta's blogs - they make felty friends that are to die for. Stitching that is so perfect... aaahhhh.
Sam even made the most amazing nativity last year, and then gave it away.
If you are a felt crafter I'd love to hear what you do and any tips you can pass on to those of us who are new would be much appreciated.
Happy crafting.


Tracy said...

I love the nativity figures. That books looks like a must have.
I recently had my first go at needle felting and really enjoyed it.

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

Good luck with the felting. You are so correct regarding the use of thick lovely wool felt as opposed to the synthetic stuff. OOh I am so looking forward to seeing what you make. The Kings are lovely (and they have 'bling'!). Peta

Tania said...

Oh you ARE a lovely Mum! I should so be doing what you are doing. Especially since I found my inner craft a few years ago when we started at the local Steiner school/kinder and there were eleventy zillion felty treasures to make for fundraising markets. It doesn't much look like you need any tips though (although I do reckon it's always easiest to stuff the four legged creatures at the um, business end (sorry!) of the animal...

Anonymous said...

wow this post a day thing is pretty impressive!! and I love your felt creations.

great to hear bubba is walking!!

truj said...

I LOVE(!!!!) your kings - the stitching on the cloaks is devine!