Wednesday 6 May 2009

Tiny footprints

The girls are fascinated by all things 'fairy' at the moment.
So the man of the house decided to build them a fairy garden under a tree in our yard.

Fairies hanging from the tree watch over their friends on the ground.

There are toadstools and rocks to hide behind or under.

Fairy houses in which to live.

And a friendly cow and frog the fairies seem to have befriended.

We spent a morning painting and decorating rocks to get the sparkly coloured wonders you see before you!

There were also rocks with each of the girls' names on them, unfortunately heavy rains got the better of those ones.
(Note to self: consider the materials you are using for outdoor craft with regard to Melbourne weather!).

A few years ago I would have baulked at the idea of creating a space in our garden filled with such sparkly wonders as these.

But the very small amount of effort required to make this garden brings so much pleasure to two small girls in our household that I am happy to embrace the 'pinkness' of it all!

From another corner of the garden this wise old soul watches over the fairies.

But this is, most often, the view I see.

The full view of the fairy garden obscured by a small head gazing in to see what's been going on in fairyland while we've been asleep.

Looking for tiny footprints.


Charity said...

This is so cool, Karen, what a magical setup! :o)

Miss Silver Spoon Vintage said...

This is so sweet Karen. What a wonderful idea for little girls, must remember that for Miss M.

Lisa said...

Beautiful garden, such a lovely idea.

Princess kirstie jane said...

That is so great. What a wonderful idea to support the magic the girls already have.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful Karen. I know my girls would adore something like that.

Cass said...

That's lovely Karen

Bec Clarke said...

I can't believe how fantastic that garden is. I will have to store that idea away for the future.

Andrea said...

Just gorgeous Karen

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness what a neat idea! I love it! said...

ok from Texas I really must know how you created these beautiful fairies... my granddaughter arrives in November and they are perfect for her nursery... please help