Friday 1 May 2009


I have to say, it wasn't love at first sight.

At first I found you complicated, hard to grasp, tight and frustrating.

But as time goes on I find you're growing on me.

I'm not as tense and anxious, so you end up looking better; looser, more relaxed.

And you are pretty versatile; very portable, able to picked up and put down at a moments notice, suitable for car trips and nights in front of the telly.

I suspect that by the time you are a finished hat I will have grown to love you.

How these clever ladies whip through you like they do I will never understand.
I was pleased to hear though, that I am not the only one to find you trying!

Thanks Shelley for introducing me to your time-consuming friend - crochet.
And persevering with my jumbled stitches!


Belinda said...

haha, I have something VERY similar in my bag at the moment...just a slightly different shade of salmon, and probably a smaller size.

Cass said...

Oh wow you are good lucky I didn't take a photo of mine!

Charity said...

Hooray! Glad to see you're enjoying a new fibre craft! :o)

Unknown said...

I wish I could crochet *sigh*. One day I'll get there.