Wednesday 8 April 2009

We interrupt this program....

I know, I've been quiet.

There has been sewing - quite a lot actually.
A bag for a birthday, some lime green hessian undies that have to be seen to be believed, adorable felt bunnies stitched by hand with these two lovely ladies and some little booties for a cute babe that lives in my house.

But I can't show you any of them.
Our camera has taken its last photo and til we get a new one I feel a little lost posting.

Hope to be back soon.
With pictures as well as words.


Little Munchkins said...

Get a camera soon Karen! We need pics.

Charity said...

Good to know you're doing okay, Karen! Hope you get a camera soon, I miss your posts! :o)

Princess kirstie jane said...

I really want to see the green undies... Hope a camera arrives to you soon. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and also for coming to play with us at Little Sparrow, such fun. I am looking forward to the next evening. I love your pics of your work space, I have a bit of envy for your great thread collection (and so beautifully stored too) Those and your fabrics are like a rainbow of possibilities.

Hei Lo's Creation said...

I will come back and check your creations. Hope you get a camera soon.

Kylie said...

Looking forward to you getting a new camera - I am intrigued by the Hessian knickers LOL - scratchy! And GREEN!

I am sure the little rabbits are adorable - did you do three of them?