Thursday 30 April 2009

Jane and friends

Amitie had a sale a while back.

I couldn't get there on the actual day of the sale (which is probably just as well as the lady there told me the line of fellow addicts waiting to pay for goods extended the length of the shop - not good toddler territory!), but I did pop in the day after and picked up these bargains for 50% off!!

These Dick and Jane panels are destined for library bags as birthday gifts and appliques for shirts, skirts and pants. But what to do with this??
It's actually panels to make an alphabet book for 'Tiny Tots'.

Do you think it should be made into a book?
Or panels on clothing?

Or something else entirely?

What would you do with it?
Oh, and please excuse the creases, I haven't washed it yet - therefore not ironed!


Cass said...

Karen that Tiny Tot fabric is beautiful who is it buy. I would probably use it for panels but a book would be cute for Georgia too

Tamara said...

I just went to Amitie today. I had gone on sale day and bought some fabrics. It was so busy I couldn't really think. Today I bought some fabrics to replace the 'bad buys' I had made. I know I will use all the fabric, one day!!!!

Now that I am a blog VIP I don't think I will bother with the sales anymore. It is so much better to shop in the peace and calm and acutally be able to think!

Gorgeous fabric.

Little Munchkins said...

I have been wanting the D&J panels...I wish I had known they were 50% off then - I would have asked you to pick it up for me too. Where's the cry emoticon?

I probably would make books with the book panels. I think it would make cute gifts. Or you could use some for book and some of appiques?

Miss Amy said...

You could make a patchwork quilted sleeping bag or quilt for Georgia... :p thatd be cute.

Bek said...

You lucky thing! These are beautiful. I'm sure anything you make will look great. I think I would use a book panel or two for cushions. For our lounge, not for the kids!

Unknown said...

Those tiny tots panels are great! I would probably want to do something other than make the book too. Perhaps a bag or a backpack? Would they work on the front of a t-shirt, or are they too big?

I have that same D&J panel too. Mum gave it to me (from her stash) the day we went to S&C. I plan on making library bags - what else?

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Hey Karen, GORGEOUS fabric. I like the idea of books, but I also like the idea of cushions or making your own throw rug for the floor for the kids to play with. Make it into a mini quilt without all the quilting etc. You could even staple gun the fabric onto canvases? Make some library bags out of them or swimming bags? Have fun whatever you decide.

Princess kirstie jane said...

Oh wow I love those fabrics, I have only recently discovered Amitie and confess to being a bit scared to go there too often, so many lovely fabrics wanting to live at my house. I don't know what the size is like but I would want to make journal covers for big people.