Friday 20 March 2009

Swap revealed

This was by far the most 'serious' or ambitious sewing project I have ever undertaken, and it helped me to fulfill two of my pledges for the year; to challenge myself and to learn to do zips!

Now that I know Joy has had a chance to open her swap item and try it on her son I thought I would blog the details, and hopefully answer the couple of questions asked in the sneak peek.

I forgot to take a pic of the 'T' but you can see it on Joy's blog.

What I made

Brown drill/jersey lined outdoor jacket with small car/animal feature print on side of bellows pockets, underflaps for pockets, collar inner, lower hem band detail and shoulder patch detail.
Reverse applique on a bought T shirt (cheating I know!).

Pattern details
Ottobre Autumn 4/2007, Pattern 30 Outdoor Jacket.

Reverse Applique technique can be found here on That Darn Kat blog.
Letter 'A' for Austy is Cheri font in size 350pt printed on computer then traced for a template.

Fabric/materials used
Jacket was made of brown drill from Spotlight with a blue single jersey lining.
(I planned to use the stripe from Spotlight that I used for the T-shirt applique as shown in my sneak peek but felt it was getting too busy), not sure whether the blue was the right choice in the end but at the time I thought it would match the little cars.)

Feature print from Amitie, sorry but I don't actually know what it's called. Very cute though!

BRASS SNAPS were just from Spotlight!

WADDING in the jacket is Vleisoline H 630 available at Spotlight.

INTERFACING - medium weight from Spotlight.

ZIP from Mardion Haberdashery in Balwyn

Applique or decorations used
Reverse Applique on the 'T' - tutorial link above.

Information I want to share with regard to construction or sizing?
The wrist elastic on the finished garment didn't seem very tight to me (and looks loose in the pics of Austy wearing it too).
Whether it's just stretched from having to stretch it several times as you sew during the process I am not too sure but I'd make it firmer next time.

I made the jacket larger than Austy needed as I thought being a jacket he might have layers underneath it and also the body probably won't be too long, only the sleeves (and you can get those arm band thingy's to shorten sleeves which I tried, unsuccessfully, to find) so he might get more than one winter out of it.

This garment took me quite a while to make but once you got your head around each step it was not difficult to make - it was just trying lots of new things for me so I took it carefully so as not to make too many mistakes!

What I'd do differently next time
Not be so afraid to make a start!
In my head it was going to be much harder to make than it ended up being.
That said there were lots of steps, ironing on interfacing, wadding, making up bellows pockets (new for me!), and shoulder patches.
I don't think I did a great job on the snaps as two of the four were a little sensitive to operate, hoping they loosened up - my hammer may not have aimed true for them - how do they feel now Joy??

Novy suggested making this out of denim or cord outer and a polarfleece inner.
I think this would provide a great result and remove the step of having to iron the wadding to the lining, as well as being nice and warm.

I loved doing this swap and will definitely be signing up for it again next year and I might even have a go at this in some girly colours - it would be pretty good for winter with jeans and cute boots for the park.


becanne said...

Looks fantastic! All that pain for you created a very unique and special item. I think you deserve to be very proud!

Cass said...

Karen that jacket is fantastic

Meika said...

Wow! Just gorgeous! You have inspired me to try some harder things for my girls!

Andrea said...

That is awesome Karen, well done on really challenging yourself. I thought I was doing well with a collar!

Kerri said...

Wow great jacket Karen good job!!

Miss Moo said...

That's amazing. I wouldn't even know where to begin! Well done!

Miss Moo said...

That's amazing. I wouldn't even know where to begin! Well done!

Susan said...

Good on you for taking on a challenge. It looks great and so professional. Susan

Austysmum said...

It's fantastic Karen - and very Austy! We love it :)

Natalie said...

Wow Karen, I'm still in awe of this jacket, it really is just amazing and everything looks so professional! You just may have given me the courage to tackle a jacket for one of mine this year as well.

Kylie said...

You did so well with this, it suits the receiver so well. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics with Austy in them over winter on his mumma's blog!

Bec said...

This is SO amazing. You have done a really fantastic job on it. Just beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely sensational. Love the pattern detail - well done!