Sunday 8 February 2009

Some numbers

The number of degrees celcius the temperature reached yesterday.

The same temperature coverted to farenheit

The number of minutes it took for the house to heat up where we were attending a 3 year-old birthday party in the afternoon.

The number of homes lost in bushfires today - with the number still rising.
Unfortunately the number of lives lost is also rapidly growing.

Like most in this state I am tonight thanking the powers that be for the fact that my family and home are intact after a terrible day of fires that tore lives apart.

On a much more positive note, this number
the number of the comment that won my giveaway.
Congratulations Kylie, I will be in touch to ask a few questions and get together something appropriate for you.


Kylie said...

Oh yay - I needed some happy news this week.

Getting back to you know.

Nuts To You! said...

That is really hot. Does it usually get that hot in the summer?

Anonymous said...

we got some pictures from the fires and it is on the news over here. Even Newcastle where we lived 4 years seems to be suffering.
Anyway, I discovered you blog by chance and love it, I do have to say it reminds of my Aussie life, I love your sewing, it's nice and fresh.


Leah said...

wow, I completely don't mind! I am chuffed that you thought what I'd done was nice!! xxx

Ruby Girl said...

The weather has been so unpredictable. The fires in Victoria have devastated so many lifes. It is now that everyone is pulling together to help these people move forward as best they can.