Thursday 19 February 2009

Let's dress up

Justine Clarke is a big favourite in this household.

You may remember we went to see her in concert and then 'Santa' had me make some giant cutlery for the two big girls to use as a prop when dancing to one of Justine's tracks, Mrs Knife and Mr Fork.

This came about as they insisted on getting something to use with every track.

Umbrellas and boots for It's starting to rain; rabbit ears for Hop Hippity Hop and a teddy for If my Teddy Bear could talk.

That was all tolerable.

It's when it came to using a real knife and fork for dancing, that things became a bit dangerous. Hence the big soft ones.

Justine has a lot to answer for really.

These pics are the result of her song Let's dress up.

(Make sure you check out the footwear)

And Miss A insists her hat is a 'witcher' hat, and nothing will convince her otherwise, after all Justine sings "When the witches went to the witches ball there were 100 witches in the hall"

Sing that and see what the word witch sounds like!


Cass said...

Very cute Karen, there could be a market for those giant utensils

Andrea said...

Love the dress ups, just gorgeous. Great job on the knife and fork, a much safer option.

Belinda said...

That is hilarious! James loves 'Witches Ball' too. Although Justine has taken a back seat to "Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical" lately. I refuse to make costumes to go along with that CD.....

Kylie said...

I know you were talking about making utencils - but I had no idea they were THIS big - LOL. No confusing them with the real thing is there.

Love the girls dressing up - and oh the shoes - Amelda - move over!

Kellie said...

We also LOVE Justine ... but our best song is Hop Hipperty Hop!!! :)

Thanks for your lovely words! They mean a lot.